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The trouble with my line of work is that when it rains it pours, and when it’s dry, it’s a freakin’ drought! Well, it’s rainy season here at The Writing Pool. I just finished my monthly contribution to, and am now worrying about my assignments for Computerworld because my liaison there has not reverted – and it’s getting late!

Sigh, oh well. The highlight of my day is I signed up for Maybank2u! Yay, now I can pay SO many of my bills online, including interbank transfers.

Great, I’m a bigger hermit than before!

Oh yea, I created a small blog for my little girl hehe. Have a look!

There’s a very lively discussion going on at Wordup! today about women and self defence, in the wake of Canny Ong’s tragedy, whether we should carry pepper sprays, a comparision of mace and pepper sprays, how women should defend themsevles with keys and fingernails and high-heels. It dawned on me that really women these days just may be too frail and dainty and concerned with their looks that they’ve forgotten that there ARE bad things and bad people out there. C’mon girls! Spunk up! Go for martial arts lessons or at least have enough spirit to want to fight back. I always wondered why Canny did not fight back. Maybe the guy is tougher than he looks, coz he sure looks like a loser-wimpy ass to me.

Seriously, I think having keys in your good hand, wherever you may be walking alone or just a couple of you, is just good sense. Not your house keys or car keys coz the assailant may want to rob you of your earthly possesions as well, but just some “self-defence” keys, sharp enough to poke his eyes out or dig a hole in his thigh. Someone suggested kicking his gonads with pointy shoes, which I don’t happen to own. So I guess Mace and keys will have to do.

What do y’all think? Post comments on my zonkboard!

I’ve started reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte two weeks ago (for my Lit Appreciation Class) and so far, have reached Page 52 – largely due to lack of toilet/nodding off to sleep time. I’ve discovered a huge number of strange words. Beautiful, but strange – words I think we should start using again!:

1. Cavillers ~ jesters, people who like to play the fool

2. torpid ~ lethargic, slow and always tired

3. bilious ~ nauseous

4. exigency ~ the need for urgent attention

There are plenty more, too many to state here. I observe that Bronte put a very mature mind into the 8-year old Jane Eyre. Seems a little unrealistic an adolescent, although of English descent, knows such words!

I just received a call from a client of a client’s I interviewed for a story I wrote on e-commerce recently. Basically, he was giving me an earful for publishing numbers he quoted during the interview, even though nowhere during the session did he mention that those figures were P&C. After berating me for not being sensitive and sending the story to him for verification (not of the facts but for “publishable” and “unpublishable” statements), and explaining to him what the words “editorial prerogative” meant, I referred him to my editor.

First rule when talking to the press: NOTHING is “off the record”.