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How much have I lost so far?

6 kgs, to 106kgs. That’s about 13lbs. So a little less than one pound a day, woohoo! Haven’t measured today so will let you know if anything’s changed.

It’s now tapering off and I have to extend my cardio to one hour from today onwards, perhaps 30 mins on the treadmill, some free weights and then 30 mins on the bike to round it up.

Been really good on the diet front as well. Cut off carb completely except for the Quaker Rice Cakes which are 50 cals a piece (two pieces a day for snacking). Lokes tells me from the occasional hug that I ‘feel’ smaller already.


So today is Day 8 of Project 12, my weight loss journey.

As usual, after my breakfast, I walk to the gym (which is just two minutes away, it’s in my complex) and on my way there, I do my stretches and warmups against like benches and the sort. An old lady sitting with her dog gives me an odd stare. She’s probably thinking, “About time, isn’t it, young lady?”

So I get to the gym and the first thing I do is to weigh myself. And guess what?

I have gone down FIVE KILOS!!

This can’t be right. This CAN’T be right. Yesterday, I was just two kilos down. I can’t have dropped three overnight. Did I remove my shoes yesterday? I don’t remember but GAWDAMMIT this is MAGNIFICENT, I think to myself. I am elated.

And then my cautious, paranoid self takes over.

Come on. Something is wrong with the scales. Someone fiddled with it, don’t be fooled you gullible nitwit, it says.

I look at the thing. It’s one of those old ones where you need to push the weights back and forth until the tip at the right end balances. I call them tease scales because they keep you in suspense until you get the thingie to balance and it’s freakin’ nerve racking.

I mean, HELLO? Ever heard of digital scales?

You get them at hospitals too, where the nurse does the ‘balancing’ for you while you stand there like a child being punished in your knickers as she takes her own sweet time to get the final tally. It’s the healthcare institution’s little way of punishing you for being fat.

ANYWAY, so I check the thing because, you know, I am suddenly the tease scale expert. I look at it from the front, and the back, and this way and that to see if any of the screws are loose. Of course, it’s an exercise in futility since there ARE a dozen screws on the thing and none of them look like they are loose or screwable with just fingers. 

And so I decide to weigh again.

Shoes off. Get on. Push bottom lever. Push top lever. Nudge. Another nudge. Another nudge back. Rulers go up and down and up and down. Eaaaaasy does it. There. Floating, beautifully balanced…thingie.

107kgs. I was 112kgs. I had dropped 5 kilos.

That’s 11lbs.



God I’m good. Someone hand me a tissue.

Went to the gym today and had a really good workout. Varying exercise ‘methods’ is important because it keeps it interesting. Wonder what I’m going to do when we move to a new house if it doesn’t have a gym. My right knee is beginning to feel a bit painful because I busted it like 20 years ago playing squash (do you believe I used to play for my school?). Have a feeling the lubricant between the joints has been worn off.

Diet food: I’ve been eating Vietnamese spring rolls whenever I can, but feasted on Dungeness (sp?) crabs last night ‘coz Lokes’ colleague gave him like four – yummy.

The Vietnamese rolls are really simple to make. Gonna post the recipe up on my cooking blog soon when I remember to take a pic of it.

Good news, guys. I went the extra mile today, literally.

Yesterday, I walked about 1/3rd of a mile. Today, I went the full mile, and then some.

And discovered that crunchy, pebbled, untarred paths are easier on the knees than regular roads. Is that why some parks provide them? I’d always thought it was because of limited budgets.

Must say I feel really psyched. I never liked brisk walking for exercise before (thought it was boring), and had always opted for the gym or dancing (I still prefer dancing but those cost money, which I don’t have). But today, it just felt SOO good to be out there. The sun was just warming up the crisp morning air. Someone had just cut the grass, and I had Massive Attack gently pushing me on. I think I was even smiling a little when I felt the first bead of sweat drop from my face to my arm.

Lokes tells me that I should perhaps try the gym tomorrow but I dunno – I think I’ll stick to the walking for a while.

Today, I walked my first morning walk down the river and back (about 2/3rd of a mile).

I woke up at 6am, had my coffee, and at approximately 7.05am, took my first step into a long and what I hope will be a rewarding weight-loss journey.

I haven’t gone and purchased a weighing scale yet but for now, just know that I am a size 20.

Hopefully, a year from now, I will be a size 18 or even a 16, through enough work (with the time I have).

Tomorrow, I’m hoping I can walk over the bridge, across to the other side, and back, which would be approximately a little more than a mile.

I can try.

To this endeavour, I dedicate a new category: Project 12. Size 12, that is. Phew. Eight sizes down. That’s about a hundred pounds, I gather.

Will probably take me a couple of years, or even more.

Important thing is I have a goal, right?

Cheer me on!