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So I’m down to Size 16.

I’ve been going for jazzercise classes, three times a week. So far, I’ve clocked in five classes and two netball sessions. I’m back on my calorie counting and low/no carb.

To keep me moving, I ordered a dress from JC Penney.

A size 14.

Said dress:


Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s on sale!

Excuse me while I go do some crunches…

Reviving an old project, I’ve now made my entries available on audio!

You can listen to my rants now instead of read them.



Can you see? I’m channeling all my anger and frustration at the last two days positively. I’m blogging and podcasting the hell out of my misery!

Speaking of old projects, I’ve also revived Project 12. I’m now going for jazzercise (three times a week) and netball.

I think I have four more sizes to go. Wish me loads of luck.

A long-due update on my weight loss journey (started 3rd August 2006).

Two days short of two months, I have lost 9 kgs. Should’ve been more but I have been slacking due to some challenging schedule changes, with Rae going back to school and me working the one day at the preschool. Nevertheless, I am officially back on the wagon today.

The fantastic news is I am now a size 18 (was a size 20) and bought myself my first belt in years. Woot!

103kg was how much I weighed before my second pregnancy. Or maybe a little more.

Here’s how I looked before we had Skyler:

And me before I started my diet and exercise routine:

This is me today:

Three sizes, 40kgs to go!


I got bored of going to the gym in the mornings and decided today that I would, instead, take a brisk walk through downtown Redmond, right at the crack of dawn.

And what did I have to motivate me?

A venti non-fat doubleshot latte from Starbucks.

No, not the one just a stone’s throw away from my complex.

Not the one two blocks away either.

Not the one two blocks away from THAT outlet.

But the one in Redmond Town Center, some two miles away.

I know, it’s ambitious, but you don’t know how much I value my freshly brewed caffeine, especially in the mornings. Even though I’m in coffee land where there are more espresso joints than there are bus stops so I don’t really need to walk THAT far. Thing is, I know that if I ever do wimp out, I can stop at a Starbucks (or Seattle’s Best Coffee or Tully’s) within the next five feet.

Ah, coffee and me. BFF.

ps. On a totally separate note, the seller of the house we wanted to buy in Duvall came back with a counter-offer and we had the house inspected today. Some very minor water damage in the garage which the inspector guy said to that the seller should remedy, or else. I’m not very keen on the ‘or else’ so I’m keeping my fingers, and toes, crossed.

pss. And WTF is with all the comments in my last post, huh? I craft out beautiful entries and I get like four miserable, “Aww shucks, that’s sweet”, and then something about my husband’s rekindling with Modern Talking gets a whopping 11 comments (well, two of them were mine, but still!!!). What is up with that? Friggin’ egg recipes and jinjang Joe posts getting more love than my lovingly written soul-searching pieces.

And for the record, until recently, my husband was listening to Regina Spektor, Madeline Peyroux, Snow Patrol and freakin Kings of Convenience, okay? To suddenly be assaulted by Back Street Boys and Modern Talking is traumatic. I felt betrayed, I tell you, betrayed!

Also known as the post about what the fuck am I going to do with all the food in my refridgerator?

Since Lokes and I started on our weight loss journeys, I’ve been trying to make really, REALLY low calorie meals (with low to zero refined carb) for us.

And since I’m no cook, this has boiled down, literally sometimes, to eating raw veggies and baked chicken/pork.




It’s gone to a point where I loathe making dinner because no longer can I experiment with recipes from the Net, something I’ve enjoyed doing so much that I created a blog to journal my experiences. However, at the same time, I give thanks for the fact that dinner is the only meal I have to worry about because for the rest of the day, we are content with eating cardboard and drinking coffee to keep our bodily functions afloat.

Plus I just don’t have the energy or drive to make yummy food anymore because everything I make is going to have more calories than just plain chicken and raw vegetables.

This dieting business is just so…boring.

Do you guys think I gave up?

Not a chance!

I’m 0.5kgs to 104 now, which was my post-Skyler weight, and have officially lost a little over 16lbs. Today is Day 29.

To be honest, I didn’t work out the last two days due to pre-planned activities, so I’d fully expected to have gained at least a pound due to all the food (had turkey wraps from Costco for dinner – delish!). Man, was I surprised when my weight continued to go down despite the lack of exercise. Guess that’s the difference between just dieting, and dieting and exercising.

I also decided to try this Green Tea extract thing I saw, also at Costco. Called Green Tea Fat Burner, it’s supposed to help curb your appetite and kickstart thermogenesis. Contains caffeine so I’ve had to cut back on coffee (started taking it yesterday). Let’s see how effective it is.

The one thing I love about the gym in my living complex is that it is rarely used.

The equipment is fairly sophisticated and new-looking. They have a TV and a stereo and VCR player (hey, haven’t you heard of DVD players? Come on!). Two treadmills, two bikes, five jogging machines (you know, those with the paddles), free weights, those four in one island weights thingies, and even an exercise ball.

And yet, ever since I started going, I’ve never seen anyone there WHEN I reach. This makes me very happy because I get to use the treadmill I like, which sits right in front of the TV. Most importantly, reaching there first ALSO automatically makes me the MASTER OF THE TV UNIVERSE. I get to control the remote and everyone else who comes after has to watch MY channels, muahaHAHAHahah.

Except for this one time.

A tiny Japanese lady came in with her teenage son. I was on the treadmill, about 15 minutes into my workout. After a few minutes of looking at the TV and discussing in loud whispers about something, the mom approached me.

“Are you watching?” she asked, all smiles, pointing to the remote which was sitting on the things holder on my treadmill.

As I was huffing and puffing and could not stop to say, “No, go ahead, I’m just looking at it for no reason”, I simply nodded.

“My son would like to watch, can he?” she asked louder, and then pointed at her son who was sitting on a chair, looking sullenly at me as though I’d stolen his remote.

I got here first, you little punk ass. I have remote privileges! Go brush up on your gym ettiquette!

In breathless surrender, I nodded again, signalling for her to go ahead.

She smiled in sincere appreciation, took the remote and passed it to her son, who all of a sudden, sprang to life.

And then “America’s Got Talent” popped on. David Hasselhoff was getting rigged up for a couple of jugglers and in what sounded like very excited Japanese, mother and son got onto the jogging machines and paddled the hell out of them.

I’d literally never seen two people happier to just be alive and watching TV and exercising at the same time.


That was when I made a mental note to come an hour earlier the next day.

And to bring Raeven.

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You know, the ones I blogged about a while ago?

I got into them, and walked around Seattle in them, all day, yesterday.

I even needed a belt! 

All the exercise, all the dieting. All worth it.

And my mom even called me after my sis told her about the weight I’d lost. Being overweight had been such a thorn at my side for so long that it’s become a family affair. You could cook an egg in my mom’s excitement (and relief).

So I went to the gym yesterday (told myself I can only miss a day a week) and found I’d lost another pound and a half, ladies, bringing the total lost today to 14.5lbs, at Day 18. That’s what, 7kgs?

I am doing it. I am fighting my fat!

It IS plateauing now and I need to perhaps lengthen my workout even more. Any suggestions, anyone? I’m now walking on the treadmill for 30 mins, staying in the weight lozz/cardio zone for about 20 mins. Then free weights and 15 mins of biking.

Three more kilos and I’m at my post Skyler weight. Ten more and I’m at my post Raeven weight!

I weighed 80kgs when I got married.

And 65kgs when I started writing.

Size 12 is about 58-60kgs?

Loooooong way to go!


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