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As I sit here blogging this, I am waiting for my curry foam shapes, beads rice and cup of air.

The cook is busy cleaning because I said the restaurant is too dirty for me to eat comfortably. The waiter, in the meantime, is insisting I let her paint my nails. 

After a while, the waiter brings over a bag. In it is a Polly Pocket and Shrek’s Donkey. Out of curiosity, I ask.

“Why is the waiter serving me toys?”

Not missing a beat, the cook says, “Because she is trying to distract you from the dirty restaurant.”

Courage (and a little swagger to go with it)

Everyday, a little further
a little deeper
a little more.

If I take one more step
I may make it
I may get there
I may fall.
I may even get a little wet
but I will try

© jennifer.tai photo.artistry

Today, I went with Rae to get her school supplies. I decided it would be nice to just be me and her so I left Skyler with my in-laws.

Disappointed and about ready to cry, Sky asked where I was going.

“Mommy is taking che che out to get her school supplies.”

She looked at me, thought about it for one second, and then twisted her face into shocked indignation.

“What about MY surprise?!”

I had to get her an ice cream cone after.

Just HAD to.

Princess Sky rests her feet

My 3.5-year old, newly potty-trained, heading for the loo, in a sing-song voice:

“I need to go POoOttY. I am already NaAaAaaAked!”

Today’s discovery: Skyler snorts when she laughs hard.

I shall attempt to clandestinely record it tomorrow.

So Rae’s kindergarten teacher gave us (because yea, like Rae is going to go, “I think I’m going to sit down quietly now and do some subtraction,” all by herself in this fishing-fine sunny weather) a pile of work to do this summer.

Rae's homework

Homework that’s supposed to help her not lose four months of education because of two months of summer vacation.

This is how I feel about homework:

This is what I wanna do to the homework

While I can be imperfect as a mom , I’ve always been a little kiasu (not a lot, just a little). Sadly, you can’t slack off and be kiasu. Which may be why I’m so unhappy sometimes.

And so, Rae spends 15 minutes of each of her summer vacation days on homework:

Rae doing some math homework

Honestly, she loves it, but not for reasons you and I would think.

(“…so that I can have some alone time without Skyler.”)

Look, look!

A moment to treasure, for sure. Perhaps I should bring them here more often!

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More water play

Thank goodness for the beautiful late afternoon weather we’ve been having. The kids have had waterplay three times this week!




Have been practising with light – and my kids.

More pics here.

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