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Kertaskrafts.I am trying not to get carried away but it’s proving hard. I need to hit the books but can only think of what other cards to make.Anyway, spread the word. I specialise in making offbeat cards such as “Yes, I’d like to go out with you, but please shave that goddamn goatee off, it’s disgusting.”Also, tada! My Etsy store. Get the feed here for upcoming items.I also need better photos of my products. As you may have noticed, my photos since around summer of last year have been bollocks. That’s because my Rebel (first gen) broke. I need a new camera. Please, someone buy me a new camera (when I say camera, I mean a decent DSLR like a D20 or at the very least the latest Rebel. I already have a shitty digital, thankeeverymuch). 

cnyTranslation:Firstly, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year and A Thousand Blessings Upon Your Affairs. Since we’re here in Seattle, we’re missing family and friends back home as we don’t have many Malaysian Chinese friends here. There’s not much CNY atmosphere. It’s okay, as we will be having a party this weekend where we’ve invited 30 over people. Hopefully, we will have a happy celebration.I wrote okay, right?Pei Ling (my Chinese name in pin yin)Wish I had me some “smoke flowers” I’ve made some revisions which some concerned friends (and relatives) have called all the way from Malaysia to make sure I address LOL. Thanks guys!

Wow, two videos. Must be your lucky day. ps. Get tissues ready.

Get your groove and your bAaaYbaAyyBaaAybaAaayBaaAayBaaaAy on and enjoy!

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Do you watch ABC’s latest superficial prime time serial, Cashmere Mafia? It’s like the high-flying corporate female superpower working mom version of Desperate Housewives (so you can call it the anti-DH) or the female version of Big Shots or the Lucy Liu version of Sex and the City (not even by a long shot but she tries).

What’s next? SAHD (Stay-at-home Dads) Confidential? Here’s a big and hearty hail to trite, formulaic TV dramas.

I watched a couple of episodes yesterday at and man, was I just wincing and chuckling at the same time. Do people really follow these things? I can’t even bring myself to watch Big Shots without wanting to stab myself in the chest. With Cashmere Mafia, I was in danger of drowning in a pool of my own regurgitated blood, and I’m no TV snob. I love Pushing Daisies and Heroes and Battlestar Galactica and 30 Rock and Lost and House and Grey’s Anatomy (which has its moments, of which there are less and less of as each season goes by) but Come. On. Hollywood. The pilot started WAY before the writers’ strike so don’t even blame it on that. How did it even get through? Who were in those focus groups? Hannah-Montana fan girls and Wall Street execs with traces of Oedipal they’ve not managed to yoga or therapy out?

And what the heck kinda name is Cashmere Mafia? Half the time the women in the show don’t even wear cashmere?

Better off watching Youtube anytime.

I’m an auditory/kinesthetic person so besides listening to audio books (‘reading’ John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath currently), I also listen to a lot of podcasts. This is a great way to keep oneself abreast with the news and to learn while one is working out or driving the kids around. However, there must be a zillion podcasts out there – how the heck do you know what’s good?

If you’re a parent of young children who loves to read, write/blog, have a mild interest in religion and politics, wants to learn more languages and a geek for general knowledge, then here are some of my recommendations.

Remember, you don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts (really, a Zune works just fine ;))

My top ten favourite podcasts:

1. Positive Discipline by Dr Jane Nelsen (free). Great parenting techniques podcast for parents of both young and older children.

2. Mr Manners’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Polite Life by Adam Lowe, Inc. Just five minutes of tips to lead a more polite life.

3. The Beeb’s (BBC) 5 Live Report. Weekly investigative reports from BBC about current issues affecting the UK.

4. NPR’s Children Literature by Daniel Pinkwater.

5. NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me, an American current events quiz game show.

6. Pediacast by Dr Mike for parents.

7. Chinesepod’s Learn Chinese podcast.

8. This American Life, hands down the best American radio documentary show I’ve ever heard.

9. TED Talks (video). Of course TED has a video podcast.

10. PRI’s Selected Shorts. Story time for adults!

Here’s a hypothetical-bordering-on-scifi question for you:

Would it be easier to make all the people in the world be

1/NOT judgmental; or


…so we won’t mind sharing more of our personal information online?

I think 1/ is a more likely option.

Let’s say we can genetically correct a person’s sense of judgment when it comes to choices and beliefs that do not harm limb or life.

We wouldn’t care if so-and-so was, say, a transsexual school teacher who loves Keats and fishnet stockings.

We wouldn’t care if so-and-so was an ex-Nazi who now trains poodles for dog shows.

We wouldn’t care if so-and-so still has a drinking problem but is for the most part, a good mother.

If we know for sure that we will never be judged for things we can swear can never do any harm to society in general, and hence we can openly declare them to the authorities, should we still fret about our privacy (let’s just say for argument’s sake this information will never be used for profit haha)?

What if we live in a society where you are free to live however you wish to live without judgment, so long as you are as transparent as possible about it?

(without hurting anyone)

…farting uncontrollably while on the elliptical at the gym.

And you don’t know how loud you are because you have your MP3 player on.

And there are five guys behind you.

And one of them is your friend’s hubby.

Gotta lay off the onions.