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Saw on Marina’s blog a sad piece of news regarding three-year old Siti Aisya, who has Fraser Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes hidden eyes or webbing of fingers etc.

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An excerpt:


Little Aisya went for surgery to create eyelids for her last December, using tissue from her lips. Unfortunately, the operation has backfired, because her eyelids have fused back together. Doctors have decided (this is according to Aisya’s mum) that there will be no more surgery for Aisya for another 2 years, as surgery is difficult for her young (and small) body and immune system. So it would be another two years before they re-attempt to create eyelids for her, and later, try and fit her with artificial eyeballs. That is the time when the family will need financial help the most.

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Cash or cheque donations can go to her father


Mail to:

45, Persiaran Putra 5,
Bandar Baru Putra,
31400 Ipoh, Perak

(translation of title: “Stay in your coconut shell, frog!” This is a popular Malay saying to refer to someone who is poorly exposed).


For someone who’s all about travel, I would really like to know from which skanky tempurung did Tengku Adnan, Malaysia’s Tourism Minister, crawl out from.

Marina Mahathir’s Rantings blog linked an outrageous outburst by the Tengku in Sin Chew (a Malaysian Chinese paper) as blogged by Elizabeth Wong, a prominent Malaysian activist, who did a quick translate on the piece:

Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.

“Bloggers like to spread rumours, they don’t like national unity. Today our country has achievements because we are tolerant and compromising. Otherwise we will have civil war.

“Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”

He asked people not to believe bloggers and gamble away Malaysia’s future because 50 years of Merdeka (Independence) takes a lot to achieve it.

“We have to show to the people our positive attitude. If the world learns from us, there will peace and no civil war.

Are these leaders we’ve put in our government?

Never mind the flippant disregard for International Women’s Day or the doubtful accuracy of his little ‘factoid’ there that “80 per cent of unemployed bloggers are women”, and the clever little slur there of racial mass murder, but where on God’s green earth is his media training?

Do they give media training under the tempurung? They certainly have managed to elicit some covert intel on umemployed bloggers that nobody else has, that’s for sure.

Pop over to Liz’s entry for more links and a full commentary.

I was reading a report in today of how the govt is encouraging more non-Malays to join the police force today and it says here that “Those intending to join the police force as constables need not have a credit in the SPM Bahasa Melayu paper under a move to encourage more non-Malays to join the force….but will be given three years to obtain the credit, failing which they have to resign.”

Wait a minute. I thought this was about encouraging more non-Malays to join the force. Is lowering the BM language requirement encouragement enough? Oh, I have a C in BM. Yay, I can join the police force!

The thing is, the article reports that reasons why, for instance, young Chinese won’t join is because of the low pay and promotional prospects. I quote “Farn said that apart from the low remuneration, the authorities should also find out the real reasons for the poor response from non-Malay youths.”

So is not getting a C in BM one of the real reasons non-Malays are not joining the police force?! Pfff…