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Check it out, y’all. Tell me what you think!

After much encouragement from my family and friends, I’ve decided to take this photography thing one step further. No, I’m not ready to charge yet (although some donations to Lokes would be appreciated – the gear is burning a hole in his pocket), but I have set up a site for my portfolio and will be putting some of my work there. 

Also, I’ve signed up as a volunteer photographer for Flashes of Hope (you can read what they’re about there), and am offering up my services for anyone you may know, who live on the Eastside or Seattle downtown areas, who have someone terminally ill in the family or going through difficult final moments with a loved one who may like some positive memories captured for keepsakes. I don’t charge but in exchange, will use (with permission) some images for my portfolio. 

Of course, if anyone wants to pay me to take photos of their kids/family events/weddings, I will gladly accept the commission at a very reasonable price with the caveat that I am not a professional (yet) and don’t own any fancy equipment, but I will give you a CD of all your images and ask to use some of them for my portfolio. 

With that, I give you Jennifer.Tai Photo.Artistry. If you like my work enough, please write me a testimonial at my Flickr profile (which I will reproduce at this site of course). Or leave me some comments. 

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Look, look!

A moment to treasure, for sure. Perhaps I should bring them here more often!

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More water play

Thank goodness for the beautiful late afternoon weather we’ve been having. The kids have had waterplay three times this week!




Have been practising with light – and my kids.

More pics here.

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Skyler 3.7

…makes a forlorn little girl.

This is what I do with my free time:


No, not pose naked in front of the camera.

Altering reality, like this:


Agenda: I now possess the skills to teach my children the trickery of advertising.

Another SPC entry.

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