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Firstly, thanks for all the well wishes and comments, dear friends. Once in a while, I’m reminded that I wrote the last post by my email inbox with someone asking if everything is okay and good, kind wishes. They really do make a difference because although I may not know some of you personally, it is a reminder that I am very much not alone.

The good news is, I am moving on from The Incident. Let’s just leave it at that. Everybody is okay, and so am I, and everyone is stronger for it. There is too much hurt and suffering in the world, and not enough forgiveness and survival and true, solid, unconditional love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. While this is as bad as it gets, there are worse things in the world. More importantly, my family, our love for each other and the way we have come together, the circumstances, the time, the magic, have made us stronger than The Incident. If we fall apart over our first lemon, what does that say about us, all those things we believed ourselves to be? I’m glad we made lemonade enough to last us a long time.

People thrive from having emerged scathed but alive from a challenging situation and I want to be one of them. Two weeks later, I am still standing, I am happy and I am frankly a little astonished I am doing these things because I am my mother. I am paranoid and have grown more paranoid with kids. But look at me, mom. All the pieces are in. Nothing is missing and I might even have picked up a few more along the way.

So don’t you guys worry about me. I am okay.

Plus you guys have seen the photos right? That camera was an essential piece. It has, in more ways than one, given me perspective.

Thanks again, friends. You guys are awesome.

Okay, those of you who camp out all the time. This is the list I have. Please tell me what I’m missing. 

FYI, we are camping at Lake Pearrygin in Eastern Washington. It’s a full service camp site with running water and showers and we are “car camping”, so we’re not really roughing it. But all three families are relatively inexperienced (this is our SECOND camp-out overall – we went last summer once). So here’s the list:

Accommodations and essentials:

  • Tent (of course)
  • Mattress pad
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Clothes
  • sunblock
  • Bathing suits
  • Pull-ups for Sky
  • Butane stove
  • butane canisters
  • wood 
  • charcoal
  • matches
  • bug repellant
  • bbq implements
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • plates/cups/cutlery for four
  • cutting board and knives
  • wet wipes
  • one frying pan
  • kettle
  • PAM
  • spatulas
  • garbage bags
  • camping candles
  • flashlights
  • folding chairs
  • table
  • firestarters
  • tarp
  • camp erecting implements
  • aluminum foil
  • ziploc baggies
  • can opener
  • dishwashing detergent
  • sponge
  • life jackets
  • bubbles making implements
  • kitty pan for bubbles
  • kids’ bikes
  • sand toys
  • water toys
  • board and card games
  • Leapster and DS
  • books
  • crayons and paper
  • FIRST AID KID (thanks Nicole!!) How the heck did we miss this one?
  • Clothes line (thanks Mel!!) Are you Bloghering this year?
I am in charge of dinner for the first night and will also bring some beverages:
  • alcohol (crucial) and paper cups to go with them
  • one carton of sodas
  • one carton of water
  • marinated and frozen chicken drumsticks
  • sausages
  • corn
  • salad stuff
  • buns and bread
  • my special bacon-wrapped chicken salsa bbq thing (I don’t know what to call it)
  • snacks
  • canned goods (luncheon meat, fish etc)
  • watermelon/mandarins/apples/bananas
  • bacon
  • instant coffee
  • spring onions/chopped onions
  • almond accents
  • milk boxes
  • ice (to buy when we start the journey of four hours)
  • cup instant noodles (thanks Sharon!!)
Ok, what am I missing? (the other families will bring their own stuff)


On the drive home after a looooong day in the city today:

Me (pensively): Skyler said “chocolate” today.

Lokes (dazed): Huh?

Me: She said “chocolate” when I gave her chocolate. Usually she says “shlocklate”, remember?

Lokes: Oh…

Me: And the other day she said “watermelon.”

Lokes nods, smiling a little sadly.

Me: Right? She used to say “waterlemon”.

Lokes: Yea…

Me: Sigh…

(Pregnant pause)

Lokes: No, we’re not having another kid so you can hear “shlocklate” again.

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8am: Delivery of complimentary rich chocolate birthday cake to hotel room.

9am: Sumptuous Mediterranean breakfast buffet at hotel restaurant.

10am: Shuttle to Magic Kingdom for a fun-filled day.

11am: Discovers all spots at Bibbadi Bobbadi Boutique (don’t know how to spell the damn thing) @ Magic Kingdom booked for the day. Meltdown ensues.

11.10am: Daddy manages to get a 5.10pm slot @ Disneytown outlet right before evening dinner with Disney princesses. Meltdown ceases. Daddy looks to be missing an arm. And a leg.

2pm: Mommy totters on brink of exhaustion and heat stroke but stoicly soldiers on because strapless smock looks better upright.

3pm: Discovers all kids had for lunch were goldfish crackers. Not to worry, there is a parade. We’re not going anywhere even if it means standing around in full on 100F Florida weather.

3.40pm: Mommy thinks Magic Kingdom afternoon parade Prince Eric is kinda hot.

4pm: Rush back to hotel on shuttle for a quick shower before makeover at BBB. Discovered complimentary birthday balloons in room. Got two kids and two adults cleaned and ready in record time of 12 minutes. Don’t ask me how but it can be done. With enough screaming.

5.30pm: Birthday girl is happily made up and will not wipe grin off face all evening or go for a boat ride because she is afraid wind and water may ruin hair and makeup.

6.25pm: Dinner with Disney princesses @ Norway town @ Epcot went very well. Snow White is MIA.

8pm: Autographs with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale. Some were not very into character, Mommy notices. It’s friggin’ 8pm.

9pm: Manage to catch Epcot fireworks. Mommy and Daddy also perform human Tinkertoys feat with children on shoulders, Daddy trying to close Skyler’s (who was on Mommy’s shoulders) ears while Rae tries to use Daddy’s armpits to close hers. Mommy’s hands had to remain down due to strapless smock. You had to be there.

10pm: Driving around town trying to look for a coin-laundry because running out of undies. Mommy comes up with brilliant idea of buying more undies.

11pm: Kids crashed but Mommy insisted on brushing teeth and bathing. Sleepy, cranky children are wonderful to clean.

12.32am: Mommy says goodnite to blogosphere. More of the same tomorrow at Hollywood Studios!

This is one birthday we will never forget, that’s for sure.

Happy Birthday, my dear six-year-old. Evidently, we’re out of our minds with love for you.

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Sunny Sunday at the park

Sunny Sunday at the Park

Lokes and his mom

Lokes' Dad is a man who enjoys the sun

Lokes on grass

Enjoying the sun also was this lovely pair

We don’t know the dad and son in the last picture but they were irresistible!



Despite the sore gums and pulsating ache in both jaws, I managed to pull a few smiles and puckered up to blow out some candles on a very delicious German chocolate cake (with a ‘mystery’ German frosting which turned out to be glazed coconut shavings).

My birthday wish? After the last few posts, you know what it is!

ps. Wanted to say a SPECIAL THANKS to my mom friends here in Duvall for the surprise meals. You guys really make me cry (first from gratitude and second because the food’s soooooo good but I can’t eat much since I can’t chew or taste properly and am afraid crumbs will go into the holes where my teeth used to be. I am so saving some of this so I can taste them next week). The girls and Lokes thank you as well!.

A love letter to Daddy

Raeven wrote this for her daddy today. Lokes has been away for almost three weeks.

Drawing his face, she said, “Daddy has a very happy face.”

And when she was done, she added.

“And he’s also very ugly.”


I’ll take ugly and happy over handsome and troubled any day (altho’ honestly? Lokes is kinda hot :))

The more I read, the more I’m convinced. Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech killer, might’ve suffered from a very severe, untreated, never-diagnosed case of Selective Mutism?

What would happen if enough of the troops in Iraq refuse to fight in the war? Lokes and I discussed this on the drive home yesterday. This morning, we heard this on NPR. Coincidence?

Breastfeeding doesn’t halt obesity. Damn.

We have not watched a single episode of American Idol this season. I wonder why.

Life of Pi is a surprisingly interesting read. I’d thought it would be dry (as all Man Booker Prize winners go, *snort*) but I am enthralled.

My scabbed knee still hurts like a bitch but I am still up for more netball this Saturday (the Seattle women’s netball team is competing in LA this weekend – wish them luck!).

I found a library book I thought I’d lost. Woohoo!

Raeven has two boys ‘fighting’ over her in school. They’d literally pushed each other today over who got to stand next to her. Mortified as I am, am also a little amused.

Skyler will NOT sleep in her own bed and has been coming over every night. It’s exhausting.

I bought some beef for stewing. Any suggestions?