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For the first time since I’ve started blogging, that I know of, I’ve been tagged. And by none other than one of the bubbliest ladies I’ve ever known (who was tagged by the talented Ms Karli).

Okay, lemme see…

Five things in my freezer:
1. pork chops
2. various chicken parts
3. Breyer’s Double Churn Strawberry ice cream!!
4. bacon
5. ‘fresh’ parsley

Five things in my closet:
1) clothes
2) Skyler’s old sling
3) nice paper bags I don’t have the heart to throw away and don’t have the heart to use
4) sexy black dress with a black tie string at the back I’d wanted my husband to ‘lace me up’ to go dancing whenever, that I never got to wear because I got pregnant right after I made it and now can fit only one of my thighs through.
5) three-inch black stilletos that go with the black dress – can’t wear them now ‘coz the laws of physics won’t allow it.

Five things in my car:
1) baby wipes
2) diapers
3) box of Teddy Grahams mixed with Pepperidge Farm goldfishes
4) laundry basket full of emergency clothes and towels for when I can’t keep the kids out of the water even when we never plan to visit a beach on any given day
5) pouch of ‘hair management’ items. Rae has crazy long hair that just does not stay organised.

Five things in my purse:
1) notepad
2) more ‘hair management’ items
3) old receipts
4) old candy
5) baby nailclipper – yes, I’m disgusting. I have carpeting all over the house so I clip my kids’ nails when we go to the park because I don’t want to vacuum. Shoot me.

Five people I tag (to encourage you guys to WRITE MORE!):
1) Hazel
2) Adriene
3) Erna (have you done this? I know you’re busy but nemind)
4) Asther
5) Jenn

This evening, I made some new blogging friends.

Anita, an amazing lady and grandma (yea!) that can probably teach me a thing or two about blogging technology, is the organiser of the Seattle Webloggers Meetup for a few years now (you can find dates and times at Since Lokes is back and all, I’ve found time to attend my first meetup of the Eastside bloggers.

Thanks Anita.

On a totally separate note, my mind is now plagued by questions. I’ve been asking them for a while now and wonder if I should just get them out of the way. In the open, where people can actually listen to them and give me answers.

I’ve never been a complicated person. Maybe my husband will beg to differ but in everything, I have always tried to keep it as simple as possible. I try not to lie. So much so I’m not very good at it. I try to keep things very straightforward and honest. So much so poise and sophistication are attributes I have not developed particularly when I get to saying what’s on my mind (and they always seem to have sounded better in there). I know I can be more well-read, hence the shift from murder-mysteries to what my husband calls ‘boring artsy fartsy’ literature. And I know that I tend to come across as being quite intimidating sometimes because of my size and language (read: loud and unpolished).

But lately, I find myself becoming more and more worried about what people think of me, particularly in this place where the rules of engagement may not always agree with honesty and openness.

Why does it matter?

Am I that desperate for friends?

Am I that lonely?

Yes I am. Those who know me know that I am a happy-go-lucky, cheerful person who’s always good for a laugh. Or was. Most of my girl friends like to have me around because I say the most outrageous things. And when they need to do some serious talking, I’m there. I listen and you can always count on me to tell it like it is. I may seem a little awkward at first but that’s just me trying to fit all the information in my brain.

In the end, you’ll discover that I’m really nothing but a harmless hoot.

I’ve felt this…distance with certain people I’ve met here, whom I am now of the opinion that they don’t really like me for whatever reason(s). I’ve not even been here long enough to dislike anyone. Just how disagreeable am I to have ticked these people off?

Wait a minute. Are you judging me from my blog?

Then all I can say is, I am not my blog. Not even half of it. In here, I am funnier than I can be out there, or less. I can be eloquent even, or nasty and judgmentally stupid. Out there, I am just another woman who’s insecure about her looks, her weight, her speech. Who’s trying her damn best to fit in this strange land that’s BOILING with people from other countries, and for some reason, just seems to get lonelier by the day.

I sure as hell hope this isn’t a “oh, another foreigner taking away American jobs” thing.


My husband is. Go despise him.

Why do some women feel compelled to do too much? Why are SO many women control freaks? Is it guilt? The need to please? The need for other people to NEED us? Is there an OCD epidemic happening with us moms?!

Join us for our live Skypecast tomorrow morning at 6.30am PST (yea I know!) where we have Malaysian mommies from all over the world joining us: Australia, the US, UK and of course, Malaysia.

Of course, you’ll need to have Skype, a mike and speakers. Join us at during these times:

Malaysia: 9.30pm Saturday 29/7/06

Australia: 11.30pm Saturday 29/7/06

US -8 PST (Seattle): 6.30am Saturday 29/7/06

The UK: 2.30pm Saturday 29/7/06

If you’re a stay-at-home or work-from-home Malaysian mom, come join us, and don’t forget to join Lia’s Stay-at-Home-Parents Malaysia Yahoo group Everyone is welcome!

I am very flattered to be mentioned (just in passing), by Chantel Williams, contributing editor of in one of her entries about new blogs in the Blogher-sphere.

Thanks to my ‘manager‘ who convinced me to join, even though I’m already on like 52 other blog portals/aggregators. I keep telling him people will come if my writing improves. He thinks if I keep shoving it in people’s faces they will love me.

Do you?

But I’m still not going to the Blogher conference.

Come on. I’m a mom to two under-five kids. I’m totally excused from pursuing any of my own interests, particularly those that involve having to attend interstate conferences.

Karli says it best.

Gotta go. Rae is ‘cleaning’ her sister with a paper towel and a hand-fan.

Just to let y’all know that I’ll be gone with the family for our first official vaca in the US tomorrow, so no updates for a while. Hopefully I’ll come back rejuvenated (right…) and full of stories of our road trip.

FYI, we did our first Jenn & Lia Show Skypecast yesterday entitled “And Baby Makes Three” and it went really well. Not without a few technical difficulties, but I for one really had fun (Skype rocks!). We had a good discussion with Min and Topaz, our two guests from SAHP Malaysia (which Lia started!), where we discussed the realities of having kids, the challenges a stay-at-home mom faces, and more.

I’m gonna be editing and doing all those lovely post-production work today when I get the time. Hopefully can get it live by end of the day!

And so it begins!

Please click to play our first podcast on the right on the basics of podcasting.

The links to resources I mentioned in my podcast:

I am using a second-hand Logitech USB mike I got for only US$13 (sans shipping) from It works very well, even though it’s refurbished. Just plug into an available USB port and you’re good to go!

For a list of all podcasts I’ve done so far, click here.

For the podcast on, well, podcasting, click here (just so this gets on my feed).

Okay, I let slip a little how much of a Star Trek fan I am. Was. Am.

Annnyyyway, got my tools all set. My second-hand Logitech mike arrived in the mail today. Recorded my first intro which you can hear on the little player there on the right. My friend Cuddlymama and I will be producing, editing and hosting the podcasts, the content of which will be 21st century- semi-techie-parenting-centric-mixed-with-good-indie-tunes-sortof. Call it an exchange of ideas between Asian and Western young parents. Am hoping to drag some of my American/Canadian mommy blogger pals in as well – Karli? Mamatulip? Tracey? Are you reading this?

We haven’t really thought of a name yet for the Podcast itself, so it’s just called The I’mPerfect Mom podcast for the time being. Suggestions?

Anyway, to listen, simply click the player. Or here (MP3 file).

A weird little word born from the phraseological prowess of one Chris Pirillo during the wrapup of the first day of BloggerconIV, freedbacking is a new tag to give free feedback to developers of your favourite programs, so said developers can simply search the word if they want to know what you’re unhappy about.

To kick things off over here in mommy land, I’m gonna ask: where are my freakin’ comments? I had my blog hosted on and wanted to grab my data from it to my new server, and used the Export function to pack what was supposed to be my posts AND comments into a neat little XML file, which I can then plug into my new blog hosted at Bluehost which, by the way, let me install WordPress with just a few clicks.

All my posts are here but none of the comments? What happened, man? It clearly says on the Export page “This will allow you to download an export of your WordPress posts and comments in a XML format”.

There. My first (hopefully of very few) freedbacks. Enjoy. And please get back to me.