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Just read this at Malaysiakini (subscription required).

On April 5th, the National Alliance of Bloggers was born and a pro-tem committee was set up.

Some excerpts of the article:

Rather than fading into oblivion in the wake of the ‘attacks’ from the powers-that-be, bloggers here have banded together to form an association – the National Alliance of Bloggers.

Ahirudin said the alliance was not formed merely on the impulse to protect themselves from the authorities’ hostility.

He said while some bloggers often tell ‘painful truths’ about those in power, they have yet to come under siege as a whole.

The alliance could also serve the positive aim of promoting blogging and improving its members’ skills and knowledge through training and educational programmes, he added.

The bloggers, who agreed unanimously to the proposal, set up a pro-tem committee that would oversee the write-up of a constitution and registration of the alliance with the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

These are the heads and council members of the alliance:

This was the result of a recent proposal by Malaysia’s Deputy Energy, Water and Communications Minister Shaziman Abu Mansor to make mandatory the registration of bloggers, a move Malaysian bloggers believe will only stifle the local blogosphere and increase hostility among those who blog, and those who are being blogged about.

Most of Malaysia’s mainstream-media are government controlled or owned, and because our ex Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir has promised not to censor the Internet, cyberspace has become a hotspot for those who wish to report – and read – real news.

A video of the report shows Rocky listing the reasons for the Alliance:

  • to promote blogging (setting the record straight about the different bloggers out there to, say, the government)
  • to protect bloggers (mostly on legalities)

Thoughts on such an Alliance: I think unity is necessary where the territory is unchartered, and such is the blogging environment in Malaysia. Having a physical group of people, people who are well-known and respected in the media and other industries, people who are heard and read all over the world, is at least a substantial stumbling block for a government that can suddenly change its stance on free speech on the Net tomorrow.

Questions: How will setting up such an Alliance help change or drive policy? How can the Alliance help with problems such as cyber-bullying, which is bound to happen as blogs become a mainstream source of info and news for our country?

Thoughts, anyone?

…but never mind.

Top 100 Mom Blog.

I’m #88! How auspicious is that?

My story came out.

You know, the one I had to go find my good bra for?

Thank you, Lori and Jim, for this tremendous opportunity. I was very nervous about today, but my usual duties, plus a crisis here and a catastrophe there, managed to distract me until almost midnight before I’d remembered to check your site.

Seriously, did you read every one of my posts, Lori? That is unnerving.

Well, thank you very much. I am truly humbled by this.

Hope to see you at the book club tomorrow!

Someone from a local newspaper emailed me to do a story on my blog and a book club I’m starting.

It’s the extensive swearing, y’all.

Now I need to wash my face and wear my good bra.

It’s up!

I am running out of ideas! Anyone care to drop a line so I might pliagarise it for my next strip? Hehe…

In case you don’t check there :)

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It is hard to believe that one year ago today, we packed our family of four (and then some), got on three different planes and moved 9,000 miles from our home country of Malaysia to Washington, the US of A.

Since then I have

  • moved once more, from our rental to our own home. Told Lokes I’m not moving until he finds a job in either Ireland or Scotland. Why? I have no idea.
  • become a better parent. Not just for my kids, but emotionally and mentally. I am now a parent I’ve always wanted to become, and it’s not only us moving here that’s allowed that to come to fruition, but also because my husband is so goddamn talented. I love you, baby. 
  • made many dear friends (Karli, both Sharons, Mia – you know who you are!) both in real life and through this blog.
  • experienced the most extreme of Washington weather: floods, winds and snow. Conceited but did our moving here tilt some kind of meteorological balance? 😀
  • improved my blogging and writing by leaps and bounds. It’s a wonder what a little solitary confinement can do for your creativity. It’s still too early to tell but something major – at least for me – is in the works. Three of my stories will appear in Dark City 2 this year, and I have found myself an agent in Singapore who’s putting something together. Wish me luck!
  • improved my cooking/homemaking skills. Although my chicken curry kinda sucked today. Okay, it was burnt. I haven’t burnt dinner in a while, so statistically, it was bound to happen.
  • become more well-read, thanks to the King County library system. Awesome stuff.
  • become a better photographer, but thanks only to the subjects (my kids, the beautiful scenery here in Washington). Am keen to make more of this.
  • rekindled my love for drawing. I had not drawn anything since a very short experiment during my years living and working in Singapore in the early ’90s. I knew I had it in me, and I’d lost it. I’m so glad it’s giving me a second chance.

As we look towards another year here in the land of good and plenty, I want to do more: become a better friend, a better mom and wife, a better writer, a better artist, a better person. Thanks to everyone who’s made my blog, and our lives here so very rich and meaningful!


I’m really not that fierce in real life.


But please, show yourself during Delurking Week, and say something (use the comment engine, if you know what I mean). At least pay me a compliment for how realistic this cartoon is (although I did pad a little around the boobs).

Don’t make me make you…