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Just found out my old school friend, now MP (Member of Parliament) for Batu Gajah (incidentally my mom’s hometown), is blogging!

You go, Po Kuan!

An old, old, old friend of mine (well she’s not that old, our friendship is) just started to blog and I just wanted to highlight it since she’s such an old pal (known her since kindergarten!).

Yes, she really is a health freak but I love her anyway.

Welcome to the ‘sphere, lady!


Firstly, Daphne, I do have qualms about dropping everything for a life of full-time madness. However, I play video games and blog and netball and sometimes even scream a little, so that’s how I quash those pesky qualms and appear qualm-less most of the time. Just so you know I ‘don’t always got it together’, as the Americans put it.

And thank you very much for awarding me this prestigious little emblem, and I’m humbled since it’s only been given to the upper crust of the Malaysian blogosphere – Marina‘s blog, and Dina‘s, and Sharon‘s, literally long-time celeb thinkers in their own right way before their blogs.

So yes, very, very honoured!

Now lemme see, I have to tag five bloggers I think are Very Good Thinkers. So hard to choose without selecting someone who’s already awarded, isn’t it? But here it goes (if I did pick someone who already was picked before, never mindlah k? They truly deserve it):

1. Pelf-ism is contagious. You get my first nomination because for someone so young, you really have your head screwed on tight and right. Also, you have such a unique name to go with your unique job. And I secretly have rockstar admiration for scientists and conservationists and ecologists. I swear, it’s not funny, I would group you if I could. And also, you work with turtles (or terrapins), and I love turtles (Malaysia is one of the sea turtle’s many homes, my American friends and they are becoming extinct, so please read Pelf’s blog to see what you can do).

2. Malik Imtiaz’s Disquiet. This man writes entries that are educational, informative and enlightening. I am always humbled by his perspectives, knowledge and insight.

3. I think Elizabeth was awarded this recently but what the heck, she deserves it for all the awareness and social work she does. I’ve known Elizabeth since we were kids in our swimming suits thrashing around at the ACS pool in Ipoh, when I was a from-far-admirer because EW was the top swimmer in our school and I think, maybe even for the state of Perak! Yup, she was a quick one in the water. Of course, EW is so much more today. I wish I’d known you better, lady. I want my girls to be just like you!

4. Jade(d) Poetry is a personal blog by Sze, an old IRC friend of mine, who is now teaching English in Hungary (is that right?). She doesn’t blog enough, a flaw I wish she would remedy soon because Sze, you write beautifully, and I love your reading about your little adventures in Budapest and around. Write more!

5. And finally, Kak Teh’s Choc-a-Blog. I got turned onto this lady by Sharon, I believe. She is such a joy to read, always elegant, always entertaining.

Okay, ladies (and gent), sorry to impose this on you but you now have to find five thinking bloggers (select based not just on the quality of the content, but that they make you think!) and give them this award (thought up by someone named Yoldas).

Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging.

The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

Now go forth and spread the joy!

So I come back from a morning of drinking air and eating plastic carrot and fish, scrubbing off rusty scum from cans and pulling gross pubes from the drain to find that I’m now neck to neck with none other than the first lady of blogging.

(Vince I may be mistaken but is that the Overworked Housewife Card? Boy that is some shrewd blogging right there Vince. The woman is pulling out all the stops.)

I’ve been a long-time follower of Ms Dooce, so watch closely as she trumps me without even moving a muscle. And watch as I gladly slink away in defeat because if there’s anyone who truly deserves a Blogitzer, it’s her…

(Oh Lon you are right on the money ‘coz there’s her Pre-emptive Gracious Loser Suckass Card. This is a level of cupidity yet unseen on a blog, such an obvious attempt to hold on to the lead. What will the judges say? Oh this is just-…)

Excuse me while I go *whimper* lick my wounds.

(And the crowd goes wild! Vince, look at the tears on those faces, the emotion, the disbelief, the indignation. And yes, there they go. They are flocking to the polls to create fake email accounts to vote for this unbelievable piece of work that is The I’mPerfect Mom! Oh Vince, are we the only two people who can see through her crap? I can’t watch it myself, I can’t. Oh someone stop her, please.)


Okay why do I have the voices of poker tournament commentators in my head? 

Okay this is beginning to seem excessive but Antonia, who has helped me perfect the art of spitting from various orifices on my face, just reminded me that I had a nomination up quite a while ago for a Best of Blogs award in the Hobby category for my comic, Consider it Blogged (which I really should be updating more but I can’t find my Wacom drawing pen! Lokes is going to kill me!).

Oh yes, I draw in my spare time. Which isn’t much considering the amount of work I put in THIS blog. And there’s them kids to raise.


Anyway, voting has commenced so if you find the comic nice, please do vote for it. But more importantly, go look at Antonia’s blog and see if she doesn’t totally deserve to win. Especially with posts like these.

Now where’s that blasted pen…

Everyone once in a while, I like to share with you, my dear readers, little factoids about my blog that I think you might like to read.

Such as how people in the World Wide Web find my blog.

No, not how people find my blog, not “Oh, I think she’s full of crap!” or “Oh man someone’s gotta tell that woman that talking about phlegm and snot will not get her votes!” but literally, how people around the world arrive at my blog everyday not by mere chance, but by the mercies of one very nifty little search engine that we’ve all come to love and adore and rely on as though it were the tree of knowledge itself, and that is none other than


Never thought you’d see THAT search engine again, did you?

Of course, I meant Google.

So, without further ado, let me present to you my top ten favourite search phrases that people have found in themselves the audacity to type, falsely led to believe that perhaps, deep in the dark of night, hidden behind their computers and closed doors and a labyrinth of modems and cables and computers and servers and switches and IP networks, that no one would ever find out what their dirty little minds were thinking – only to realise that lo and behold, there are nifty little spies out there that track more than just traffic.


Here we go (vote for your favourite!):

10. i dont like my long nose

9. when my son caught me having sex with my husband i whip my sons butt hard

8. naked mobile ladies with nothing on

7. mom spanked daughter church crying (okay, who is this? ‘fess up!)

6. mom has cock in hole

5. indian aunty seduction

4. dirty spanking games

3. punjabi men don’t marry

2. big boobs


and the grand prize winner is…

1. hairy mom reveals all


Seriously, there should be like a contest for The Most Bizarre Search Phrase in the History of Internet Searches.

How about it, Mr Google?

So are any of you going for Blogher this year?

If so, can you teach me how to select tracks?

Seriously, I’ve attended tech shows and trade shows and food shows and game shows and game tournaments but never one as an attendee where I have to, like, select tracks. As a journo, I went where I thought the stories were. And then I take off a little before rush hour for some roti and teh tarik ;).

And since this is the first time I’m paying good money to go, it makes the track-selecting all the more crucial.

Good god there are just too many good ones. I want to go for everything.

Also, imagining being in a room full of women bloggers is making me want to stop eating and do something drastic to my hair. Have you seen the talent out there? I have to give up eating and bathing just to stay on top of my blogging and feed-reading. How are these women not gazillionaires and rock stars, pray tell?

Yes, I am very excited. I’d just asked Lokes if it was okay for me to go somewhere by myself and was thinking about backpacking for a week around Italy but his face sort of went blank, and his mouth turned slack and he went, “uhh…” while spit started to trickle from the side of his mouth into his goatee.

Not a good idea, sweetie? Oookay. How about a flight to Chicago for a women’s blogging conference? Right away, his mouth snapped shut and he nodded, “Sure! When?”

It’s not that he doesn’t know where Italy is, but he thinks me backpacking is sort of like me going bungee jumping.

“Honey, but you won’t…come back up…” he’d say, stroking my hair and feeding me grapes.

He forgets I used to travel for work. I might’ve gained a fe-…okay, a LOT of pounds and I might’ve not been around the last few years but I can still fit in a plane, thank you very much. AND get from the airport, to the hostel. AND remember to pack my digital camera batt charger and phone charger and notebook cables and USB card reader and God knows what other little thingamajigs I cannot live without.

Tsk. Hullo, I’m a mom. I can remember stuff for FOUR people around here. And then some.

So, Chicago. What’s in Chicago, besides Blogher? And Oprah? Is Oprah in Chicago? And those hotdogs with tomato slices I saw on Food Channel once? And, like, wind?

So exciting!

ps. I’ll be staying at a Blogher hostel called HI-Chicago. Seriously, if you’re going, ping me so we can bunk together or something! Caroline, are you reading this? You are SO driving me around!

(This is a sticky post and will remain on top until the Awards are over. Scroll down for more recent posts!)

(and yes I got a sticky JUST for the awards. Crankin’ up the ole PR machine!)

Oh, oh, head getting bigger!

Please vote for me so I can get some new glasses to go with my new super big head.

Thanks, Mamabok for nominating and getting your entire family to vote for me.

(what are you talking about? Of course I voted for myself!)

I am nominated in the category The Blogitzer, which is for best writing in a blog. The winners will be announced at Postiecon in Orlando, Florida, and Lokes is going there for a convention on the same dates.

So lemme give you my best ‘one cent face’…

 Jenn making her one cent face

so you can go ahead and vote for me, and I can go too!

But only if you think I write good.

I try, very hard.

I do.

I’ll try harder! Vote for me!

Update: Okay, I need a good ten votes to keep me ahead. C’MON TROOPS YOU CAN DO IT! I’ll buy you coffees. Good coffee here in Seattle.

Update 11 April 2007: I hit 50 votes as of 11.36am PST and am now five votes in the lead! Thank you all for and do keep voting! I love you all so much! On top of coffee, I will sing a song with my new sexy, husky voice (more on this below)!