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*** This is a STICKY post which means I’m not dead and I have updated my blog, it’s just that updates are below this post. Please scroll down!***

I made the huge mistake a week or two ago changing my RSS feeds to Pheedo and Feedburner without first writing a post that would go through my old feed to inform my subscribers of the change, so now I have like two subscribers (that would be me and Lokes?). Oh, he’d better be the second person, or else?!


Anyway, I’m hoping the five other subscribers who haven’t seen any updates from me will at least come back here (hi!) to see I’m not dead (just a little stupid – okay, a lot stupid).

So anyway, now that you’re here, please subscribe to The I’mPerfect Mom by clicking here (those who had resubscribed over the last week or so PLEASE resub again coz I tinkered with the thing again and the whole thing reset on me. I told you I was a lot stupid).

If you prefer my blog to email you everytime I update my blog, click here (fancy, I know).

I have also been working a little bit more on my casual gaming blog, Gamer Mom, so if like that sort of stuff, go there.

Btw, Feedburner rocks.

Believe it or not, since I joined Technorati in 2005, this blog has not been claimed properly. Two years, it’s been sitting in some kind of parallel universe in the Technorati servers. I was unable to ping it or find it even. It was just fackin odd.

And then a few days ago, I decided to just delete the claim and reclaim it. To my shock and horror, I was told that my blog was simply unclaimable.

What. The. Fish?

So I wrote the nice people at Technorati my problem and in under 12 hours, they responded, fixing my problem. So The I’mPerfect Mom is finally in the here and now.

Why did it take me two years? I guess I never really cared until those darn sponsors wanted to see where how blog stood traffic-and-link wise, and when they asked me why it never showed up on Technorati, I just smacked my forehead and had to get off my ass to fix the damn thing once and for all.

So now, it’s finally fixed.

Whoa, my authority is 104.

Thanks guys 😉

I just clued on to Infernal Ramblings by Liz.

This kid is an amazing, amazing Malaysian blogger.

And he’s only 17.

Makes me so proud.

Forgot to tell you guys that you will need to use this feed from now on to get my RSS. My old one won’t work anymore.

Thanks Sweetisu for reminding me to tell everyone 😀

I’m sure you’ve noticed all the little badges peppered around my blog now. I’ve gone and signed up with Pay Per Post to see if I can’t make a little money to help pay for this blog’s domain and hosting, at the very least (and a little pocket money for little ol’ me).  

So what do I think about ads on blogs? So far, it’s not been too bad. I haven’t grown horns nor has my writing IQ diminished.

I’ve also made $0.45 on my Adsense and it’s been a little less than a week? Pretty soon, we’ll be able to afford real butter!

But what’s more important is, what do YOU think about ads on blogs? Do they compromise editorial integrity? Or is it just business at the end of the day?

ps. Pics of beautiful Eastern Washington later. We took 700+ pictures, I shit you not. Go get your Flickr on if you want to see them all.


Anyone interested?


It’s been a hard decision to make but I’ve decided to start ‘monetising’ my blog, place some Google ads here and there and very possibly write some ‘sponsored’ posts.

Gosh, writing these things almost brings tears to my eyes.

I guess – no, I know – it’s a pride thing, my not having done any of that yet and I’ve been blogging what, almost four years. I keep telling myself it will ruin my blog, tarnish my integrity as a writer. It’s very old school thinking, this advertising/editorial integrity thing.

But you know what? It costs me money to run this blog, money I don’t have (since I ain’t out there workin’ anymore). So screw it.

I do promise to write really ‘interesting’ sponsored posts though.


I need a hug.

For those who follow my daughter’s blogs, I’m moving them to WordPress because Blogger, in a word, sucks.

Their blogs are now at

but you will need WordPress accounts – and for me to approve your usernames – to view them. So if you want to be added, get an account (you don’t need to make a blog, you can just get a username).

Ps. Moving is a cinch. Ask me how.