Hi Random People Doing Weird Searches and Comment Spambots,

Gosh, I haven’t blogged in such a long time it feels weird to be sitting here wondering what to write about. Wait, what are you doing here anyway? What am I still doing on your RSS feed? Actually it’s because I was cleaning up my Google Reader did I actually remember I still had a blog. Poor blog.

It’s not that I’ve stopped being imperfect or being a mom, just that I don’t really feel like writing about motherhood anymore. I’ve never really grasped why people would want to read about my mundane goings-on or look at pics of my kids pretending to be the best kids in the world when they really are just most of the time NOT listening or wanting to eat their veggies and NOT wanting to pick up their toys, just like everyone else’s kids.

I guess I SHOULD do a little update once in a while, for the benefit of you. Yes, you, mom. And dad. And See Ming. 

Rae will be seven in three months. Gosh, what can I say about Rae that doesn’t end up being some cathartic revelation on the stress of having a high maintenance kid. She’s everyone’s dream guy – smart, sensitive, silently brooding. Sky is almost 4 and a half. She’s into Power Puff Girls these days and will walk around kungfuing total strangers (in a cute, not-annoying-at-all-way, of course). She’s still our little foodie, always interested in what’s on your plate.

I am still on my weight loss journey, although I’m not very motivated these days. Lokes is still sickeningly thin. And yes, still doing my photography. And that’s it. 

Well, I’ll think of something better tomorrow, hopefully. Or maybe it’ll be another six months, who knows?