Power. Parenting is all about knowing how much power you have, and when, and where.

Oh, was that too sudden? I don’t show up for what, three months and just drop out of nowhere and start ranting about power-play in parenting?

I know how to alliterate, if nothing else.

Ok, so how’s everyone (everyone being YOU two there, still lurking around. I am pretty sure there are one or two other blogs out there more worth your time than this derelict that should be called a…webpage, not a blog)?

Ugh. Cringe. God. Haven’t heard that in a while.

What’s been happening with me? Let’s see:

1) My photography business is doing well, which is why you haven’t seen my sorry ass around. I have a Facebook page to maintain and a website and of course, the business of actually taking and processing the photographs, so yes, it’s been distracting.

2) I’ve also been busy working out. I’ve lost 22lbs so far, knock on wood. I know! It’s like I’ve gone insane.

3) The girls are growing up, fast. Skyler is able to dress herself now although this morning she put her panties on sideways and walked around for a few hours with one butt cheek hanging out because she’d put her right leg into her waist hole. Raeven is joining the presidential race in 2012. 

4) Lokes is good. We’re good. Which is always good.

5) We have plans to go back to Malaysia summer 2009. Yay!

I know I should probably write more but life is much more interesting these days. 

Although I was inspired to blog today because last night, in bed, I had this amazing old feeling I used to have, lying there in the dark. It was really strange and I’d wanted to write about it. 

But not now. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll tell you about this time of my life when the smells and sounds of night made me alive. Sort of like a vampire.

Or maybe I’ll talk more about parent power.