Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s TEDtalk, I have decided to make this post on things I’ve learnt in life so far:

1. Fair or not, beauty has its uses. The need and want for symmetry in our lives make us both human and terrible beings. 

2. It is better to love someone more than they love you because you will always be the better person.

3. It is far better to forgive but not forget, than to forget but never forgive. 

4. Exercise every day of your life. There is nothing better than fresh air coursing through your veins, sweat and muscular pain.

5. Nothing you do will change your children but they will change you. 

6. Some people are really not meant to be parents. It is sad they often find out too late.

7. Education is only for perception because people and corporations are too busy to learn to trust you the old-fashioned way – through comradeship.

8. Learning to unplug is perhaps the biggest challenge mankind will have to undertake in the future.

9. Perfect pancakes do not need PAM on a Teflon-coated saucepan.

10. It is possible to trust an idiot and not know it.

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