So Lokes and I decided it was high time the girls watched Star Wars.

And with all good things, we started from the very beginning. And the beginning was A New Hope.

We popped some corn and actually sat through the entire movie. There were a few run-and-hide moments; when the Jawas zapped R2D2 (Sky: Mommy, is the robot dead?).

When the sand people knocked Luke unconsicous (Sky: Mommy, is the boy dead?)

When Obi-Wan fought Darth Vader.

When the trash compactor’s walls closed in.

But at the end of it, both Rae and Sky sat riveted as Luke paid attention to the Force and slipped the photon torpedoes into the exhaust and blew the Death Star up.

When the credits started rolling, Skycried, asking for more.

Here are more quotable quotes from the girls.

Skyler, on Darth Vader: He’s so very black, mommy.

Raeven, on Obi-wan: Why is that grandpa fighting Darth Vader?

Raeven, on TIE-fighters: Do they eat Thai food?

Raeven, on Chewbacca: Why did Princess Leia call him a walking carpet?

Can’t wait for next Friday when we watch The Empire Strikes Back!

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