What a fascinating first three weeks.

After Raeven’s first day of school, she told me she did not eat any hot lunch save three bread sticks because she thought she had to pay for it and had no money. I’d forgotten to tell her school lunch was already paid for. And she lost her classmates at second recess and cried for me.

And then I went and checked on her two days later, and found out that lunch money was the least of her problems because my six-year-old, who’s so used to being waited on hand and foot (not my doing, I assure you) does not even know how to carry a tray and walk faster than two steps per minute, and because everyone else was faster than her, she got all teary-eyed and upset.

Last week, she came home with her bag zipper wide open and her school folder was missing. Turned out she hadn’t taken it home in the first place.

Yesterday, Raeven came home without her lunch box and her school folder. The moment I asked her where they were, she exploded into a fit. That’s my girl for you. Embarrassment is something she doesn’t deal well with and I for one, am not a person who deals very well with ego.

“STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!” she yelled at me. We hadn’t even begun. 

For one minute, all she did was run away from me, refusing to answer my questions about where she’d last seen her things, worried that her school folder might contain something important (this is the second time she’s misplaced it and it’s Week 3 of school!). 

“I forgot okay? I am forgetful!!!” she screamed. It broke my heart. 

Finally, I sat her down and in a loud, firm voice to get above her yelling, told her to calm the heck down and that I was only asking her so that we could think of what to do next. She finally did, telling me she thought she’d left her lunch box on the bus because she remembered putting it next to her, and that her folder might still be in the classroom because her bag was all zipped up so it could not have fallen out. 

“See? Once you calm down, you can figure out stuff,” I told her. To this, she grunted indignantly. 

This morning, I asked Tanya, the bus lady, if she’d seen her lunch box and she promptly handed it over. You should’ve seen the grin on Rae’s face.

I can’t wait for what’s next.

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