Firstly, thanks for all the well wishes and comments, dear friends. Once in a while, I’m reminded that I wrote the last post by my email inbox with someone asking if everything is okay and good, kind wishes. They really do make a difference because although I may not know some of you personally, it is a reminder that I am very much not alone.

The good news is, I am moving on from The Incident. Let’s just leave it at that. Everybody is okay, and so am I, and everyone is stronger for it. There is too much hurt and suffering in the world, and not enough forgiveness and survival and true, solid, unconditional love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. While this is as bad as it gets, there are worse things in the world. More importantly, my family, our love for each other and the way we have come together, the circumstances, the time, the magic, have made us stronger than The Incident. If we fall apart over our first lemon, what does that say about us, all those things we believed ourselves to be? I’m glad we made lemonade enough to last us a long time.

People thrive from having emerged scathed but alive from a challenging situation and I want to be one of them. Two weeks later, I am still standing, I am happy and I am frankly a little astonished I am doing these things because I am my mother. I am paranoid and have grown more paranoid with kids. But look at me, mom. All the pieces are in. Nothing is missing and I might even have picked up a few more along the way.

So don’t you guys worry about me. I am okay.

Plus you guys have seen the photos right? That camera was an essential piece. It has, in more ways than one, given me perspective.

Thanks again, friends. You guys are awesome.