Hello my lovely internets. Are you still sticking around? You must truly love me!

So I’ve gone for TWO campouts since we last talked, taken pictures of my friend Sharon’s baby, and then some.

And yes, pictures are worth a thousand words, especially since I’m now, so to speak, in the business of painting words. 

But I’m only putting a few pictures here because copying and pasting script from Flickr is not particularly fun. For “the good stuff”, please visit my Facebook (you will need to “friend” me), my photog or my Flickr(yes, I scatter them so you will see some different ones in each site).

Here we go!

Best friends forever

Rae and her best friend H at the lake after a full day of sun and fun at Pearrygin Lake, our first campsite.

Campout at Dosewallips Summer 2008

Dosewallips State Park/Dabob Bay – where we went camping last weekend. This is a place for oystering/clamming.

Campout at Dosewallips Summer 2008

That’s a big one!

Baby K

This is Baby K, who is my first baby model. Isn’t he just the cutest? He smells glorious too!


And this is a flamenco dancer I photographed at a dinner party yesterday.

That wraps my last three weeks! Now how about you?