So Rae’s kindergarten teacher gave us (because yea, like Rae is going to go, “I think I’m going to sit down quietly now and do some subtraction,” all by herself in this fishing-fine sunny weather) a pile of work to do this summer.

Rae's homework

Homework that’s supposed to help her not lose four months of education because of two months of summer vacation.

This is how I feel about homework:

This is what I wanna do to the homework

While I can be imperfect as a mom , I’ve always been a little kiasu (not a lot, just a little). Sadly, you can’t slack off and be kiasu. Which may be why I’m so unhappy sometimes.

And so, Rae spends 15 minutes of each of her summer vacation days on homework:

Rae doing some math homework

Honestly, she loves it, but not for reasons you and I would think.

(“…so that I can have some alone time without Skyler.”)