Over the hills and faraway

Dear Skyler,

I am so so proud of you.

After almost a year of trying (since to say Mommy had been seriously potty-training you would’ve been a blatant lie and embarrassing – who the hell takes a year?), you’ve finally grasped the gist of going to the potty to wee and not just to do a Number 2 and/or admire your half-naked self in the mirror and/or to turn the bathroom into a swimming pool.

For a few days now, you’ve walked around diaperless, and even partied in only your undies all of yesterday at Aunty Farrah’s barbeque. Bravo, my little trooper!

And what’s even more impressive is that you braved a totally unchartered toilet and survived your first unfamiliar, alien flush all by yourself!!! Without going bonkers!!

I’d choked with tearful pride because the noise of gushing water followed by the traumatic gurgling of preschooler-waste mixed with water draining into the Deep Blue Vortex of No-Return has undoubtedly been your biggest hurdle in our year’s journey of trying to ditch the pull-up, your preferred mode of plumbing the last 1.5 years.

But that is history! Gone! Forgotten! And hopefully never to be recycled!

Although, if I may ask one small favour of you. Tiny really.

You deserve a medal for having come so far in such a short time but please, if you don’t mind, refrain from going up to complete strangers and telling them you have no diapers on, and as if that isn’t clear enough, up-ending, skirt-a-flouncing, to drive the point home?

Thank you so much, baby.

Again, so very proud. 

Love you lots,

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