This month, I celebrate five years blogging, on and off (of which the three of you are fully aware).

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been any good but I do know that most of you are my friends or friends of friends or just people who’ve made some cheeky Googles and have accidentally landed on my blog (sorry!) but here’s the thing: I just can’t turn a profit with this blog thing (without PPProstituting, begging your pardon, dear friends on the take). 

Should I post more pictures of me and my fake white teeth? Perhaps a little more cleavage? What?

I dunno. I read Dooce and I just don’t see people flocking to read my daily forays into (failed) potty-training or to catch more cute kidspeak (they are adorable but have no literary quality whatsoever) and I’m certainly not getting a couple of dogs (I just cleaned the bathrooms today – there’s already enough hair without pets).

I mean, that’s 400+ comments right there, about dog hair, if it were Dooce’s dogs’. I guess when you’re the pioneer of an American revolution, you deserve 400+ comments even if it’s only dog hair. Makes me wish I had a job just so I can get laid off for blogging too.

Plus I just checked out Blogher’s directory of Mommy blogs. I am four pages deep under “T”. Why do I even try?

So, more naked pictures then?

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