I have been busy.

Busy taking pictures because I’ve decided it’s a good way to make a living (which is a bit of a stretch but one has to keep dreaming).

Busy running a preschool.

Busy taking exams and studying and finishing papers.

Busy writing, again.

Busy reading Tom Perrotta. And trying to wade through Middlesex (third attempt, audiobook this time).

Busy planning travel plans for the summer. As you know, just got back from Memphis with the hubby. Our third trip without the kids since two years ago. I know I promised pictures but the hubs has posted them on Facebook so I’m lazy to post them again.

We have two camping trips and one big huge fancy schmancy trip to Disneyworld, Florida, just two weeks away. And a trip to Vancouver, Canada. And perhaps another weekend camping. Who knows with us crazy Malaysians.

People often ask me where I find the time.

1. My in-laws are here.

2. My kids go to bed at 7.30pm each evening.

3. I don’t sleep much. It’s almost 2am now.

4. I don’t do these things all at once. Most of the time, I am shuttling my kids to school and back, grocerying (did I just make that up?), vacuuming and cleaning the house. I have pockets of time – when Sky naps and Rae is at school, or when both of them are at the computer, and after they go to bed, and I listen to audio books in the car and at home for the reading.

Does that solve the mystery?

And oh, I have Hermione’s Time Turner ($29.95 from Sharper Image). Useful little gadget.


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