Lokes sent me a video yesterday, another one in the Highly Important series of TEDtalks that Everyone Must Watch, where a mycologist named Paul Stamets shared with attendees six ways how mushrooms can save the world.

First of all, it was a VERY educational video. I had never heard of mycelium before, let alone how this amazing fungi is the “natural internet of the earth” and that – wait for it – it can break down petroleum products, eat away bacteria such as ecoli and basically cleanse the earth of all its toxins by natural process.

Secondly, it was truly inspiring and…a relief, really, to know that there IS a solution right here, literally, under our noses – fungi.

Sure, this guy owns all these patents to save the world and why shouldn’t he? He’s dedicated his whole life to fungi. If they do end up saving the world, I think Stamets should reap the benefits. Heck, he should be awarded sainthood!

Paul Stamets has a website called – whaddya know – Fungi.com where you can buy his books and learn more about how mycelium and the field of mycorestoration (a term Stamets concocted) can help save the earth.

Check it out

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