What a week.

Yesterday, Rae was finally struck down after almost a month of battling the battery of cough, cold and flu viruses that had invaded the rest of our family.

The stomach bug dealt her a swift defeat, and Rae threw up all day, only managing to keep down fluids towards the eve, with a bitch of a fever of 104.6, culminating into only one bout of diarrhea, which we’re all thankful for. Finally, at around 6pm, she had one small piece of banana, some crackers and two sips of Pedialyte, before retiring to bed.

This morning, she woke up with a fever of 104 again, which Lokes managed to banish with some Tylenol. Both girls tucked away some white bread, more banana and Pedialyte, and I ventured so far as to give Skyler some milk.

No incidents yet *wipes brow*.

Oh God.

What’s that I smell?

Gotta go.

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