There’s GOT to be an award out there somewhere for parents who have to clean vomit and shit off carseats, carpet, bedsheets and cushions two days straight.

Lokes and I used up a whole bottle of Oxy Clean and Febreeze (Extra Strong) each, just cleaning up after our three-year old, who’s managed to contract a cough, a cold, some sort of flu and now finally a stomach bug in all of three weeks. To think she used to be the strong one, the one who never got sick when everyone else did. Now Raeven has emerged victorious, remaining stoically unscathed as the rest of us hacked, sneezed, groaned and moaned through the last three weeks.

Nothing like kindergarten to toughen that immune system right up.

Remember how I used to get carried away with the toilet cleaning? Well, while I was busy scrubbing a trail of soiled carpet yesterday morning, I decided, what the heck, to spring clean the girls’ entire play room.

Here’s the before:


And the after:


In the words of my wise friend Mathilda, here’s what we’ve been reduced to doing: Taking before and after shots of housework so we can blog about it.

Are you beaming with pride, mom?

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