Before coming here, I’d thought the whole China Baby thing was a few celebs adopting kids blown out of proportion (saw it on Sex and the City). Having lived here for two years, I can vouch that it’s not. Just here in Seattle, American families with Chinese or Asian babies are everywhere; at the playground, in my Moms group, at the mall, the library, the gym.

I must confess that it feels slightly odd to see so many Chinese babies (mainly girls) being adopted. Sometimes, the parents themselves look a little discomfited sitting next to me with their children, as though they’d taken one of my kids by mistake. I then try to put myself in their position, wondering how they’d look at me if I was walking around with a blue-eyed blonde baby. They’d probably think I’m the nanny.

Apparently, China babies are not the only ones up for grabs these days. The young men are as well. Payback for all those years of getting rid of unwanted daughters, eh?

Someone give these men eHarmony accounts!

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