…to major in English (instead of Linguistics) after considering the online programs available from local unis mainly because there isn’t a distance ed option for Linguistics. Well, you know what they say about beggars.

At this point, I’m considering Washington State Uni instead of University of Washington because the former has a fully online degree program for Humanities (UW offers evening classes all the way in Seattle – don’t think I fancy driving all the way there – and back – with all that traffic!).

So this will drive how I choose my electives and the rest of my Humanities and Social Sciences option (I’m taking Astronomy as my Lab and Math for my Natural Science requirements). I’m taking mostly English and Anthropology classes for Humanities/Social Sciences. Any advice as to what NOT to take?

As for this quarter, algebra kinda sucks (the professor is just not working out for me but that’s the only PM class they have!). On Wednesday this week, he took almost 45 minutes looking for a solution to a system of LINEAR equations I think half the class solved in ten. It was NOT good for him. The man is, I think, breathing in too much whiteboard marker fumes. Such a shame since I was actually acquiring a genuine interest for algebra. Bah.

Chinese 103 is going ok and English 201 (Writing the Research Paper) is also turning out to be quite interesting. I just submitted my thesis proposal a few minutes ago to my English prof on Bill Gates’ recent proposal to Congress to increase the number of H1B visas to stop the “brain drain” of American-educated uni grads returning to their home countries because of immigration laws. It’s really not as ambitious as it sounds (although I might step on a few toes…) because most of the legwork has already been done by the man himself!

I chose it because I participated in the rather heated debate on CNet’s News.com when the news broke. I think it’s a good thing because for one, this will force Americans to buck up academically. Truthfully, what is your defence against losing 60% of your top Ivy League spots to foreign grads? I say introduce competition to drive excellence. Off with them entitlement attitudes (which, apparently, plagues Americans as much as they plague privileged bumis)!

Before I go, let me leave you with this article by Texas congressman Ron Paul he wrote four years ago about the fed deficit (I had to read it for an assignment), if you haven’t read it already. Sends chills up my spine!

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