Lokes and Rae (my 51/2 yr old) were playing “If you were a food” game.

This is what Rae thinks of our family and friends:

Meimei (Skyler): Strawberry
Raeven (herself): Candy cake and ice cream
Daddy: Meatloaf
Mommy: Pancake and pieces of chicken (what the…)
Yeh yeh (her grandpa): Gummi bears and brocolli
Ma ma (her grandma): Popcorn
George (my sister’s boyfriend): Spinach
Yi yi (my sister): Banana (haha)
Chichi (my sis-in-law): Chow mein
Pakpak (Lokes’ bro, my bro-in-law): Fried rice (and he doesn’t even eat rice)
Pohpoh (my mom): Celery
Oldman (my dad and yes, that’s what her nickname for him is and he loves it): Crazy sandwich
Hayden (her best friend): Pile of chocolates
Maya (Hayden’s sister): Peach and grapes
Susan (Hayden’s mom): Healthy salad
Hiren (Hayden’s dad): Orange
Josh (friend’s son): Car filled with chips
Jerry (Josh’s dad): Noodles, veggies and carrots
Mat (Josh’s mom): Strawberry yoghurt
Tenaya (babysitter): Carrots
Parker (Tenaya’s bro): Buzz lightyear holding woody holding tomato (haha I cracked up at this one, this is TOTALLY Parker).
Sara (Tenaya’s mom and my preschool president): Cabbage
Mrs Callapp (her kindy teacher): Chicken pasta soup
Maria (neighbour and kindy classmate): Clementines
Donika (kindy friend she likes to play dolls with): Honey on toast

So what would you be if you were a food? :)