Kertaskrafts.I am trying not to get carried away but it’s proving hard. I need to hit the books but can only think of what other cards to make.Anyway, spread the word. I specialise in making offbeat cards such as “Yes, I’d like to go out with you, but please shave that goddamn goatee off, it’s disgusting.”Also, tada! My Etsy store. Get the feed here for upcoming items.I also need better photos of my products. As you may have noticed, my photos since around summer of last year have been bollocks. That’s because my Rebel (first gen) broke. I need a new camera. Please, someone buy me a new camera (when I say camera, I mean a decent DSLR like a D20 or at the very least the latest Rebel. I already have a shitty digital, thankeeverymuch).