Driving home, after picking up Rae from kindy:Me: How was PE today?Rae: We had a new teacher.Me: Oh? What’s her name?Rae: His name is Mr Bradwin (sp?).Me: Oh, you had a man PE teacher?Rae: Yes. And he’s kinda strict.Me: Oh? Why do you say that?Rae: And kinda…old.Me: Why do you say that?Rae: He’s all…loose.Me: Loose?Rae: Yes, loose.Me: What do you mean?Rae: Like when you press him, his skin is very loose.Me: Oh, you mean he had saggy skin?Rae: Yes, saggy skin. He’s very saggy.Me: Okay…do you like mommy’s hair?Rae: You look like a teenager.Latest haircutMe aka The Teenager (a good name for the next John Grisham novel)