Do you watch ABC’s latest superficial prime time serial, Cashmere Mafia? It’s like the high-flying corporate female superpower working mom version of Desperate Housewives (so you can call it the anti-DH) or the female version of Big Shots or the Lucy Liu version of Sex and the City (not even by a long shot but she tries).

What’s next? SAHD (Stay-at-home Dads) Confidential? Here’s a big and hearty hail to trite, formulaic TV dramas.

I watched a couple of episodes yesterday at and man, was I just wincing and chuckling at the same time. Do people really follow these things? I can’t even bring myself to watch Big Shots without wanting to stab myself in the chest. With Cashmere Mafia, I was in danger of drowning in a pool of my own regurgitated blood, and I’m no TV snob. I love Pushing Daisies and Heroes and Battlestar Galactica and 30 Rock and Lost and House and Grey’s Anatomy (which has its moments, of which there are less and less of as each season goes by) but Come. On. Hollywood. The pilot started WAY before the writers’ strike so don’t even blame it on that. How did it even get through? Who were in those focus groups? Hannah-Montana fan girls and Wall Street execs with traces of Oedipal they’ve not managed to yoga or therapy out?

And what the heck kinda name is Cashmere Mafia? Half the time the women in the show don’t even wear cashmere?

Better off watching Youtube anytime.