I can hardly believe it, but today, it’s exactly two years and one week since we moved to the US.

Even though I feel I’ve been here ages, it also feels as though I’d just arrived because I can remember the move as clearly as it was yesterday. How can that be?

How are we doing? What have we accomplished? Any regrets? Let’s see.

Firstly, we love Seattle and the Northwest. If we ever had a choice to move anywhere in the US (we didn’t, Microsoft HQ having overtaken most of Redmond), we could not have made a better one, and this is despite all the rain. We’ve found and made so many wonderful friends, particularly for Raeven (Sky has the attention span of a caterpillar so she’s not acquired any bosom buddies). Seattle has become more of a home for them now. In fact, Skyler has lived here longer than she has in her own country (we moved when she was one – now she’s three).

We love the town we’re living in (or at least Lokes doesn’t mind it so much anymore). I’ve also become more competent a mother and homemaker, which is saying a lot considering the fact that I never swept a square foot of floor back home nor wash a single plate. I can now make breakfast, lunch and dinner, organize an entire closet, all the while protecting my kids from mortal danger and cleaning a soiled backside.

I’ve also found purpose in my own life as well. I help run a co-op preschool, have gone back to school and am writing my first collection of short stories. Any American agents out there looking for a storyteller from mysterious Malaysia?

I know it sounds as though I’m doing too much, and I may be but my days have assumed a sort of rhythm that plays like an Ingrid Michaelson song. The girls are growing up so fast. Just this morning, Raeven was helping Skyler put toothpaste on her toothbrush while putting on her own clothes. In short, I run a tight ship.

The one thing I’ve really neglected is my blog, and I think I know why. As much as I love to blog, and my blogging friends, and the blogosphere, I’ve become somewhat disillusioned by the craft, if one can call it that. I have questioned myself time and again why I’m blogging, and I keep coming to the same conclusion: just so my traffic’s not gone to waste (and of course, it has). A while ago, remember I’d said I will only blog if I have something worthwhile to blog about. Well, as it turns out, I have not the inclination nor the energy to blog even about the stuff I care about, not if I want to do it right.

And there’s the fact that I have assignments to WRITE and my own book to WRITE. Blogging is WRITING as far as I’m concerned so really, I just need to conserve my writing energy.

Two years. Just flew by so fast. What will another year bring? Hopefully, 60 credits for me.