I’m an auditory/kinesthetic person so besides listening to audio books (‘reading’ John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath currently), I also listen to a lot of podcasts. This is a great way to keep oneself abreast with the news and to learn while one is working out or driving the kids around. However, there must be a zillion podcasts out there – how the heck do you know what’s good?

If you’re a parent of young children who loves to read, write/blog, have a mild interest in religion and politics, wants to learn more languages and a geek for general knowledge, then here are some of my recommendations.

Remember, you don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts (really, a Zune works just fine ;))

My top ten favourite podcasts:

1. Positive Discipline by Dr Jane Nelsen (free). Great parenting techniques podcast for parents of both young and older children.

2. Mr Manners’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Polite Life by Adam Lowe, Inc. Just five minutes of tips to lead a more polite life.

3. The Beeb’s (BBC) 5 Live Report. Weekly investigative reports from BBC about current issues affecting the UK.

4. NPR’s Children Literature by Daniel Pinkwater.

5. NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me, an American current events quiz game show.

6. Pediacast by Dr Mike for parents.

7. Chinesepod’s Learn Chinese podcast.

8. This American Life, hands down the best American radio documentary show I’ve ever heard.

9. TED Talks (video). Of course TED has a video podcast.

10. PRI’s Selected Shorts. Story time for adults!