Here’s a hypothetical-bordering-on-scifi question for you:

Would it be easier to make all the people in the world be

1/NOT judgmental; or


…so we won’t mind sharing more of our personal information online?

I think 1/ is a more likely option.

Let’s say we can genetically correct a person’s sense of judgment when it comes to choices and beliefs that do not harm limb or life.

We wouldn’t care if so-and-so was, say, a transsexual school teacher who loves Keats and fishnet stockings.

We wouldn’t care if so-and-so was an ex-Nazi who now trains poodles for dog shows.

We wouldn’t care if so-and-so still has a drinking problem but is for the most part, a good mother.

If we know for sure that we will never be judged for things we can swear can never do any harm to society in general, and hence we can openly declare them to the authorities, should we still fret about our privacy (let’s just say for argument’s sake this information will never be used for profit haha)?

What if we live in a society where you are free to live however you wish to live without judgment, so long as you are as transparent as possible about it?

(without hurting anyone)