8.30am, getting Raeven ready for the day. She is in semi-undress.

"You need to eat more," I comment on her protruding ribs, helping her put her tights on.

"I prefer to grow up thin," she answers.

I look up sharply at her, a smile twitching on my lips.

"Why?" I ask, amused and at the same time, apprehensive at what she will say.

"I don’t want to grow up fat like you, Mommy."

I burst out laughing. She peers at me from under her lashes, the way she always looks at me when she makes me laugh, a shy yet mischievous look that seems to say, "You find that funny, do ya?"

"Well, you won’t if you eat AND exercise," I say a minute later, after my mirth subsides.

Raeven nods wisely.

"I know."

I gotta get to the gym today, man.