Been busy but here’s a list of updates:

Vancouver – land of loonies, toonies, blinking go lights (what on God’s sweet earth is up with that?) and the best Chinese cuisine you’ll ever find in the Pacific Northwest. 

Facebook is becoming more addictive than I’ve initially allowed it to be.

My friend Susan makes the best turkey eva!

I make a mean spinach lasagna.

Been reading up a squall. Finished Khaled Housseini’s The Kiterunner, Carolyn Parkhurst’s The Dogs of Babel and re-read F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Starting Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone. Am catching up on lost education through the Intellectual Devotional – must buy BOTH of them, y’all.

Remember my initial excitement at going back to school for my degree in linguistics? Registration of classes now hangs by a thread because of my newly minted resident status. Apparently, ‘residency’ in the college application sense means having a green card, and not the actual wikipedia definition, i.e. “the act of establishing or maintaining a residence in a given place”.

Who can you trust if you can’t trust wikipedia?

If they end up charging me non-resident fees (which means I’ll end up paying almost twice the amount I would pay as a resident), I will be forced to forego all delusions of becoming Professor Higgins, before I even begin.

The appropriate, linguistically-themed reaction to this would be ‘diu-niasing‘.

On the other hand, I will have more time to work up my Spectre or become the next Rock Star.

The appropriate, game-themed reaction to this would be ‘w00t!’.

See? I was made for this.