I know, I know, it’s about damn time.

Firstly, my hard disk died. My dear, dear husband managed to recover most of the data (because I was too damned pissed and lazy to do it myself) so I’m now back on track. The one thing I love about a hard disk dying is that you get to see just how fast your machine is without all the crap you’ve managed to pile in the last five years. Of course, if you have a husband like mine who actually loves reinstalling an operating system AND then some, what you get really is one of those nifty TV fast-forward makeover scenes where you don’t really notice the tremendous amount of work put into, say, the torturous healing after a 20-hour surgery of fat-sucking, cheekbone-building, skin-grafting, denture-designing fun.

Secondly, work at the preschool has just been…what’s the word…oh yea, a bitch (in more ways than one). Long story short, it’s not just a thankless job I’m doing trying not to freak the fuck out with all the problems we’ve been having, but people – gotta love generalizing – just have the most unreasonable expectations out of what they keep forgetting are VOLUNTEERs. I find it a real marvel that the biggest whiners are the ones who don’t do a lick of work. Solve one problem and they will find something else to bitch about. Seriously, some days, I don’t really know who the real kids are.

Thirdly, Rae’s kindy has been keeping me busy as well. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me that I think I need to volunteer for every damn thing and accept every damn invite. Those of you who call yourselves my American friends, you’re not doing such a great job helping your friend here not be such an idiot. I know, some things can’t be fixed, but I’d appreciate a hint or two once in a while, a gentle warning now and then that I’m standing in a hole, and I’m the one digging it.

Fourthly, more stupidity – okay, MAYBE it’s the least stupid thing I’ve gotten myself into but I’m going back to school come January. That’s right, yours truly is going back to college to take a degree in English at UW, starting with some online courses at a local community college. I’m actually trying to decide between English and Linguistics. The long-term goal is to one day work at perfecting speech recognition technology so…yep. In another six, seven, ten years or so, I’ll be able to rock the world of phonetic technology, replete with elbow-patched tweed coat and pretentious English accent, woohoo!

Now I’ve really got to think about how the hell I’m going to pay for my classes now that it’s come to my attention that my husband isn’t really Bill Gates. I know, it’s confusing.

Lastly, it’s that time of the year. In two days, it’ll be Halloween. Next month, it’s Thanksgiving. Plus we’re planning a trip to Canada soon (Rae has been on our case since we got those shiny new green cards and she’d heard us rejoicing, of course catching only the words "Canada" and "holiday").

I promise I will make it up to y’all with a funny video soon. Just need to get all my crap installed and working again. In the mean time, Happy Hallow’s Eve to all. Lokes and I dressed up for a grown-up party last night and had jello eyeball shots (I didn’t have time to blog but I had time to go for a party – how sad). Was fun. I was showing cleavage and everything. Pics soon.