Well this is new.

Lian of Mama’s Bag of Tricks actually thinks I’m nice.

Nice? Don’t you know I raise bad-mannered children and watch creepy videos and diss fat people?


Anytime is a good time for a compliment but I’d really needed one right now, so I really appreciate this, Lian. Thanks, lady.

Okay, time to pass it on. Who do I think qualifies as “nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!”?

Gee. Hmm. Here goes:

1. Jan Lemen: She’s not a ‘friend’ friend, just someone I’d met at Blogher07 but I’m very inspired by her beauty – her inner beauty. Read just one post and you can see why she’s such a rare spirit. She reminds me of one of my favourite smells: fresh cut grass after a tropical rainy morning. It’s a childhood memory I’d forgotten and then remembered. Jan (and her blog) is full of these little extraordinary ordinary things.

2.  Jennette aka PastaQueen definitely qualifies. Just read her About page and you’ll know why (nice photos btw, girl!). I also met Jennette at Blogher and we stayed at the same hostel, so we hung out a bit. Jennette’s book, Half of Me, is out April 2008 (there it is again, Jennette – see, it’s not hard!).

3. Melina from Ellinetha! Here’s one to you, babe. Beautiful, bold and brave, Melina is a cancer survivor and like many others I’ve met, she is full of life and love. Her blog is funny, entertaining but does not really do the real Melina justice because she’s so much more fun. I’m so glad we met!

4. I have to nominate Sweetisu once more because she’s another cancer survivor (who really should blog more). Strong, wise, unfazed by what life dishes out (and it has dished her quite a few lemons), I always imagine a Jenn 20 years from now as one of those petite little old Asian women with a head full of white hair in an upbeat pony tail, taking brisk morning walks and speaking at cancer support events around the country, proving to the world that sheer grit can take you a long way, anywhere. Good luck with the new toy store, girl!

5. My precious friend Hazel back home in Malaysia, who just gave birth to baby Caitlyn. Hazel is the nicest person you’ll ever know. Until you feed her a few JD Cokes. Then she’s REALLY nice :). Ahh, good old booze days.

6. For all the digiscrapping freebies she’s clued to millions of people, Ikea Goddess deserves this truly. You’re a saint, lady.

7. The CounterVA. Two nasties make a nice.

All this niceness is very unsettling. Now I need to go kick a cat.