There’s nothing quite like waking up to a sink full of pink, bubblegummy Princess toothpaste, is there?

That’s the last time I’m buying a squeezy tube, that’s for sure.

The last week has been filled with wonderful moments such as this. Wonderful moments my husband is missing since he’s 30,000 miles away doing his boring old job.

Aside from the insanity that is cooperative-preschool-setting-up-work, which I’m not even going to talk about here because another word about will likely push me over the edge and I may just have to swear a little, I’ve been potty training Skyler. And so far, she’s done pretty well in the “tell Mommy when you wanna make a poo” department.

In fact, she’s volunteered to do more, such as clean herself with 50-feet of toilet paper (and STILL managing to get poop everywhere else but). Plus Sky wants to sit on the Big Girl toilet and not the $20 glorified bucket we’d gotten her.

When will we ever learn not to spend on our kids?

Still, I have very few complaints. Both the girls have been very easy to pottytrain because I’d listened to some advice I’d read online and waited until they were ready (in that their diapers were relatively dry in the mornings). And Sky is also of an age where she can follow what her big sis and Mommy does (yes, we model that too). She’s still having problems feeling the need to tell me before she wees but I expect that to take more time. Just a few days ago, she did say, “Mommy, wee wee coming!” and of course I was so pleased I had to put that on my Facebook. This mother thing is just non-stop, isn’t it?

The other HUGE news around these parts is that Rae is now a kindergartener. She went on the big yellow bus and everything, although there were a few very anxious “where the flippin’ fudge is the bus schedule?” moments from Mommy but everything went really smoothly and Rae loves school. She loves her teacher, the bus, recess and even homework (actually it’s not homework, it’s more parent-child projects). Don’t you just love this age?

Well that’s it from me. Gymnastics in 30 mins. TTFN.