Aug07 ROFL award

The fabulous Sue at Red Stapler, whom I’d met at Blogher07, gave me an ROFL award for this post.

I know, I don’t deserve it, because I haven’t even been blogging much lately. And I’ve never thought of myself as capable of evoking floor-rolling guffaws (perhaps a rare LOL, but an ROFL? Perhaps I should write comedy!).

And an ROFL is what I desperately need these days. I’ve been so busy with Sky’s preschool setup that I’m almost missing Rae’s big kindy-going celebration. My kindy mom friends have been emailing back and forth tearful experiences this week and I feel so guilty for not having been as excited as I should be, as ANY first-time mom of a kindergartener should be, because of this coop crap. I should be tied up and fed fried worms.

But not all is lost. Today is her first day and I shall be as tearful as the rest of you. You’ll see.

Speaking of Sky’s new cooperative preschool which I’m helping to set up, let me just say WHAT THE FLIPPIN’ FISH HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?! The people who was to lease us our site came back with permit problems that will last until Winter quarter so we’ve had to scramble the last two weeks for a new site. Our Twos teacher quit because it was just too much for her so we spent the last weekend scrambling for HER replacement.

One has to ask: Just how much stress can a human being handle?

I need more than an ROFL. I need the friggin’ jaws of life.