I read with interest this latest study by some Canadians about how ‘interpersonal disgust’ (as opposed to ‘core disgust’) indicates that you may hold some right-wing authoritarian beliefs.

While I don’t put much stock in statistics about psychology and human behaviour, I find these studies fascinating (and great conversation starters), more so since these may very well be theories one might’ve cooked up sitting at the can with nothing good to read. It’s marvellous what a little alone time can do.

It all ties up, doesn’t it? Most people I know who won’t wear clean second-hand clothes or walk into Value Village are a tad racist (as opposed to raging haute-coutured Nazis) because really, what valid reason is there to despise good fashion you can buy at a fraction of the original price? Absolutely none whatsoever.

In a weird tangent, this brings to mind today’s news about Idaho Senator Larry Craig recanting his guilty plea on charges of misdemeanour stemming from complaints of lewd conduct in a men’s room at the Minneapolis airport.

As I listened to what he allegedly did in the men’s room (the Senator apparently responded to an undercover cop’s foot-tapping under the toilet stalls which was apparently homosexual code for wanting to have sex) via news reports and an interview with the reporter who broke the story, I could not help but wonder: Had the senator and his wife been caught having sex in that bathroom, would they have been subjected to the same ridicule and shame? Would the papers be so adamant at crucifying the man?

I think not. Doesn’t have the same zing to it, does it?

Yes, I get it. I get that he’s been extremely anti-gay, ultra conservative, and to have duped his public into believeing he’s straight-laced and goody-goody when he’s been having hot gay sex in public toilets, well shame on him. But as I understand it, the man has been in public service since the 80s. And that he’s been re-elected three times, which means he’s done his job pretty well. Plus we’re not his wife and family. So apart from putting on a squeaky clean image, just what kind of earth-shattering professional betrayal has the man committed to deserve this kind of bloodthirsty upheaval?

Is it because it’s just so…disgusting? Eww, we’ve elected a dirty gay man. And is he wearing skeevy seconds? Double eww!

Seriously, this preoccupation with government officials and/or celebrities and their covert gay sex lives has got to stop. And you know what? You gay people are partly to blame. What is it with all the sex? Any time homosexual makes headlines, it’s someone famous or important being humiliatingly outted for doing something naughty with someone somewhere. If the gay community is ever to gain some dignity in the next 50 years, it’s to stop helping newspapers write stories about just how much sex you guys are having, where you’re having it, and with whom.

ps. Here’s some good toilet reading for a change: Reason and the Yuck Factor.

pss. Guess what? Today (Aug 30) KUOW’s The Conversation talked about what’s fair game when it comes to a politician’s private life. I’d wanted to call in but was too chicken to. Some very good points were raised, in that while most people believe that a politician’s private life should remain private, the moment he crosses the line and does something illegal, he crosses the line from private to public. This is hypocrisy and double standards aside. You can listen to KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio online.