Why have I not been blogging?

Because we’re just home from a road trip to Mount St Helens and Portland, Oregon. Where the most enjoyable time I spent was in a bookstore. This city is far too expensive for my taste. Well, its zoo is.

Because I am too busy re-reading Lynne Truss’ Eats, Shoots and Leaves because it’s so darn funny and because I just got the book at Powell’s, evidently the Best Place to Visit in Portland, Oregon. Thanks, Adrienne!

Because, really, one should only blog if one has something Truly Good to blog about. And right now, my excuses are Truly Good.

ps. To deviate a second, HARRY POTTER SPOILER WARNING!! DON’T READ THIS IF YOU’VE NOT READ DEATHLY HALLOWS: How on earth did the sword end up with Neville Nigel (is it Nigel?) (thanks Ann!!) when that goblin stole it?