It was a beautiful evening for a summer celebration.

The kind of evening that took its time, turning from orange to maroon to purple ever so slowly as though sorry to leave.

There, on the edge of the shimmering Sound, we waited patiently, watching and listening to the growing murmur as crowds thickened on the grassy incline facing ‘the barge’ in the middle of the lake. From near and far, Washingtonians gathered to witness the fireworks that would end the second day of the Seattle Summer Seafair. I hugged my girls to me and whispered promises in exchange for patience.

Just wait and see. You’ll see something beautiful.

It started with plane doodles. It’s scary…it’s beautiful, whimpered Sky, alarmed and mesmerised at once. She’d tucked herself deep into my arms at first because of the evening chill, but later, had cowered at the magnificent display in front of her. What wonderful, frightening magic it must be to two little girls from Malaysia who had never, ever, seen fireworks. They were so close you could smell the cordite in the air.

Is the plane here to help us be more patient waiting for the fireworks? Rae’d asked. It is scary and surprising how perceptive she is.

And then, it came. 30 minutes, we watched, we exclaimed, we marveled. Somewhere behind us, a hodge-podge of music played, unchoreographed. Pink. Toby Keith. The theme to Harry Potter. And then suddenly, Somewhere Over the Rainbow emerged. An almost-silence settled as the words and notes soared with the sparkles of blue and red and green, taking our breaths and voices away.

As I hugged Sky to me, all I could think of was how fortunate we were to be here this evening to witness this breathtaking sight.

And how fortunate we are to be here at all.


This video does not do the fireworks display justice since we took it with our little digital camera but I wanted to share a slice of our beautiful evening with you. Enjoy!