I heart Chicago, but I heart Seattle more.

I hugged and bathed and read to the kids.

I hugged and bathed and yapped non-stop to my husband.

Life is good. And now I’m going to bed.

But wait.

New post-Blogher07 resolutions:

  • I will not blog daily anymore, but only when I have a good story to tell.
  • I will strive to write from the heart, as per the strong instruction of Claire Fontaine.
  • I started writing again. I am not sure if it should be a screenplay or a novel, which means it’s neither a compilation of shorts stories from my blog nor will it be a typical Asian rags-to-riches nor Falling Leaves novel. It’s late 19th-century made-for-women erotica. Intrigued?

Okay, good night all.