*** This is a STICKY post which means I’m not dead and I have updated my blog, it’s just that updates are below this post. Please scroll down!***

I made the huge mistake a week or two ago changing my RSS feeds to Pheedo and Feedburner without first writing a post that would go through my old feed to inform my subscribers of the change, so now I have like two subscribers (that would be me and Lokes?). Oh, he’d better be the second person, or else?!


Anyway, I’m hoping the five other subscribers who haven’t seen any updates from me will at least come back here (hi!) to see I’m not dead (just a little stupid – okay, a lot stupid).

So anyway, now that you’re here, please subscribe to The I’mPerfect Mom by clicking here (those who had resubscribed over the last week or so PLEASE resub again coz I tinkered with the thing again and the whole thing reset on me. I told you I was a lot stupid).

If you prefer my blog to email you everytime I update my blog, click here (fancy, I know).

I have also been working a little bit more on my casual gaming blog, Gamer Mom, so if like that sort of stuff, go there.

Btw, Feedburner rocks.