Okay, so who here has watched both Transformers AND Harry Potter? What did you think?

I thought Transformers was very entertaining, whereas Harry Potter was…well, not very. Lokes was just spitting left, right and center the moment we exited the cinema.

“Two hours for this?” he’d grumbled. We went on opening day (by chance), you see, as we’d wanted to watch Ratattouille or Die Hard, but instead opted for Harry Potter because, well, because I’d said so.

Now I’m not much of a cinema goer. I will watch one from start to finish, but no, I’m not the kind who stands in line for two hours to get in. Suffice to say, like many things here in the US, the build-up was much more exciting than the movie. In fact, these days, I’m not even much of a TV shows person. I’d say I’m more a DVD person, preferring rather to watch something in the comfort of my home, knowing I can pause or save it for later (something my husband will tell you I NEED to do since I almost always fall asleep in the first five minutes). So a movie may last me, oh, four days.

But I do like movie discussions, or discussions of any kind that talk about the arts. I read movie reviews, take in all the ratings before I go and watch something, since time is always of essence to us full time mommies, so a movie had better be fackin’ great before we spend $20 on it (although Harry Potter obviously wasn’t, which is why you should never watch anything before reading a review or at the very least glanced at the coloured stars next to it).

All said, we saw this absolutely fascinating trailer of an unnamed movie produced by J.J. Abrams of Lost and MI:3 fame, mysteriously codenamed Cloverfield.

When it was over, I’d looked at Lokes and he’d looked at me and we both went, “We HAVE to watch that.”

Seriously, this is how a trailer should be made. Watch for yourself:

My guess? Some armageddon end of days biblical-cum-global warming culminating into a natural disaster type thing. You can recognise that sound anywhere: It is the groan of the earth being torn wide open.