Believe it or not, since I joined Technorati in 2005, this blog has not been claimed properly. Two years, it’s been sitting in some kind of parallel universe in the Technorati servers. I was unable to ping it or find it even. It was just fackin odd.

And then a few days ago, I decided to just delete the claim and reclaim it. To my shock and horror, I was told that my blog was simply unclaimable.

What. The. Fish?

So I wrote the nice people at Technorati my problem and in under 12 hours, they responded, fixing my problem. So The I’mPerfect Mom is finally in the here and now.

Why did it take me two years? I guess I never really cared until those darn sponsors wanted to see where how blog stood traffic-and-link wise, and when they asked me why it never showed up on Technorati, I just smacked my forehead and had to get off my ass to fix the damn thing once and for all.

So now, it’s finally fixed.

Whoa, my authority is 104.

Thanks guys 😉