Nathaniel Tan, the blogger who was incarcerated for four days under the OSA, has written an entry regarding his ordeal.

Read it and weep. I did.


Entirely by a stroke of luck, a lawyer at the magistrate’s court was able to assist me in contacting my lawyer, R Sivarasa. Had said lawyer not been present, I may have not been given the opportunity to be represented by counsel during my hearing, and my remand order may have been for fourteen days instead of for four.

Even after my lawyer arrived, the police made every possible effort to block me from consulting with my lawyers, denying me extremely basic human rights connected to judicial due process. This even included repeatedly trying to spy and eavesdrop on the conversations I was attempting to have with my lawyers.

Reading this, I can already hear many Malaysians going, “Aiya, he should already know that if he say things like this on his blog he will kena OSA. Why he still do? He deserved it!”

Firstly, he was OSAed for allegedly possessing official secrets of which there is no proof.

If a man can be charged such flimsy claims, and was going to be tried without counsel, what makes you think you’re safe?

Nathaniel fought not only for his rights as a citizen to voice his concerns, but OURS.

You know what’s sad? That these very actions by the government help to condition widespread fear and apathy in Malaysians. With these tactics, they are sending us a message:

Look the other way.

Say nothing.

And tell your friends and family to do the same.