A few of you may know this, but my husband and I met online. On IRC, actually. Those of you who know what those three letters stand for are probably cringing as though you’ve swallowed a lemon.

When I tell people this little nugget, their eyes widen with interest/surprise/shock/disbelief, and often, they want to know more because in their hearts, they’re probably thinking, “Oh how terribly with the times of her!” or “Well, how very lucky for her there’s the Internet!” or “How do I get me some of that?”.

The truth is, I’d met Lokes there, but we did not start dating until a few years later. So it’s not as though I’d picked him off a chat room and married him six months later (although incidentally, a woman I know told me yesterday that she’d met her husband online and married him six months later, and they now live in our town, so it DOES happen!).

When asked why I went to a chat room to look for a man, the answer, is I didn’t. I was already with someone else at the time and IRC was, in the early 90s, just another hot new thing that my sister, incidentally, had turned me on. It was like discovering TV or the lava lamp.

But this is not to say that finding love online is ridiculous. In fact, I greatly endorse this convenience because it is very economic and low maintenance and has virtually no pressure (unless of course you’re doing something nasty with it). Even if you’re Paris Hilton, you would appreciate being able to socialise in your underwear at four in the morning. After all, not everyone has the resources – or the inclination – or the energy – to get all dolled up everyday and sit at a bar just to have some company. And how successful have YOU been, trying to strike up intelligent conversation for the price of a martini at a sports bar or a cocktail lounge? 

There are many free chat rooms online that you can sign up and start socialising in. I’m not sure if IRC is still alive but you don’t really need to use that to find friends online, what with all the social network sites out there that seem to fad in and out so quickly that it makes an old woman like me hyperventilate just thinking about them, much less want to catch up. These days, I’m on Facebook and now, I’ve signed up on Wire Club just to check them out. Lots of people who look single and very available in there, wink wink to my ‘newly single’ friend.

Isn’t dating so much more light and fun these days, without all the ceremony? Albeit, the mind games and treachery and heart ache are all still there but everything can be over in just one night without you spending a red cent or even having met the guy/girl. 

I’d call that efficient!